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  1. The wifi was slow and by activating hot spots on the smartphone I solved the problem. I don't know if it depended only on this or on the debug start of the executable, however I thank those who answered me and the staff!
  2. Hi everyone, after downloading the Patron Backer Pack, I started it as an administrator and in the initial phase of the download (after 10 seconds) a window appears whit title title <Javascript Alert -> and in the text message <miserable failure>. Clicked Ok button and the window disappears and while downloading and installing Visual C ++ 2013 Runtime, it freezes and gives me the following error information under the bar: JSON error Unknown error Failed to access remote metafile Read operation I tried to click on the retry button, but nothing happens even after 10 minutes. I have already tried to disable firewall and / or antivirus, but without success. I tried to change installation destinations, to move the Live Patcher folder, to update the PC (already updated). I have absolutely no idea what to do, if not send screen, dxdiag to customer support, but without yet receiving a solution that works.
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