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  1. Was Disar Aukeue on Gorath, master doctor and master teras kasi for a while then master doc master combat medic. I spent a lot of time selling buffs on Dathomir at the trade outpost. Chances are if you grinded sisters there you bought some of my buffs. Cheers
  2. I play on Basilisk, it's still not complete but it's playable. I suggest starting out of Coronet as that's usually the most populated area.
  3. You didn't need to grind every profession. You could grind holocron cube drops until they told you the professions you needed to grand master or you could just gm every profession. This would make you force sensitive then you had to go visit force sites all over the galaxy to unlock the Jedi slot. It was pretty awesome. Also this has to be a troll thread because I'm pretty sure no one pronounced SWG as swig, it's tagged as Star Trek too...
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