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  1. why silly? experienced players give you multiple examples how to increase effectivity of your assassin. you call it silly coz...well, 2 weeks of playing with white gear. This is actually funny to me, he may be an experienced player, but if you take at face value that he is suggesting, it is quite silly. What is being suggested is are 4 major discs which are pretty poorly made socksty for an asssassin, what he should have suggested is probably Agent Provocateur, Banshee and Escape Artists. So yeah, when a Healers or Rangers Disciplines are being suggeste just because they have that one ability that can be used to root and the other 3 are not exactly useful i will call that silly. I know you want do defend your buddy and its fun to try to do all my arguments away with: "Oh you dont know, you dont understand.. blah blah..." I asked some valid questions, i pointed out what i think is missing and all you people have done is dismiss all arguments with your assumptions and useless suggestions. I think there was only one person actually suggesting useful things. I've got a tip for those who like to act this way: If you really want to help then answer to the point and explain your answer or suggestions. If you are going to act like a child or give silly advise, keep it to yourself. There are people who actually want to have some balance and to be able to excel at this game. If you cant contribute to this in a meaningful manner just dont bother replying.
  2. When did I complain about dying? I dont think i did and i dont. Why cant you simply read an get my point without putting words in my mouth? Is it really that of a challenge for you? And here you do it again... I haven't claimed that i know everything, i haven't claimed that i have tested everything. Why are you being so sarcastic? Stay on point please, dont let yourself to be dismissive of that you dont like but rather be to the point. Some of the things you and others have suggested are a good idea for me to test out (but not the Naiad. lol...). Again, since you obviously think that i dont know what im talking about, why dont you actually suggest something useful? Lets say you are an Assassin and you want to play that class to be useful in a field and in a siege. What Majors will you be using? Or would you have to actually create and level multiple vessels and use one for field pvp and one for siege? Not even talking about solo now.
  3. Im saying Black Mask is a no brainier (especially for a cutthroat assassin) and not using it is possible but I think you will sacrifice more than you'll get if you dont use it. About two weeks, and i have tested a lot of combinations. So unless Black Mask doesn't do what it did a week ago, yes i think its a no-brainer.
  4. I agree, when it works as intended, its is something I would actually be happy with. At the moment it works only on paper or when no-one is around, or when you stand still, or when you rotate your camera in a snail pace. Then, yes it works... but is of no utility.
  5. If you are being intelligent about playing a class that uses damage from behind and you are not hitting a stationary target, its pretty much a must. Like choosing a Fae. Yes its a choice, but a no brainier one. Like not sticking your finger in a running meat grinder, well... thats a choice! If helping out is suggesting that an Assassin uses a Major Dsc intended for a Healer (like Naiad) the its a stupid suggestion and that kind of help is counter productive. So yes, please keep silly suggestions (like calling obvious non-brainers a choice) to yourself. And dont play the "im trying to help you" card. Coz by suggesting what you did you dont help anyone, you just trying to shut people up. I am actually trying to discus some valid game mechanics that should be changed.
  6. When using it during a fight it really is 8 out of 10. And i am indeed familiar with doing something similar in other games. The most recent one was bless. Wasn't an issue there as much as here. However i must say that this Crowfall feels much smoother than Bless in the most ways. Its just you have to rotate a camera in quick succession and speed twice, that is what causes the pains I am referring to. If you do it only once (when escaping form someone) it works more or less fine, lets say i could live with that. But of you have to rotate it twice, to chase someone down, and you need to do it quickly, it is then where you will see that in a real situation, with players around you it just doesn't work well. And that is why I am suggesting giving Assassin some skill that will help them catch up with fleeing enemy, give ti a fairly long cooldown, nut make it available to all specs, and not in some weird (mostly useless) Major Disc that no one uses. Just to say that it is possible.
  7. Well, As i have said earlier, Black Mask is a must, so you get to chose only 1 more Maroj Disc. And suggesting to use Arcane Archer/Sharpshooter/Naiard /Molehunter or Illusionist is just silly. I would rather use something actually useful for an Assassin like Banshee or Agent Provocateur. And in even doing so i would still have to sacrifice somethings that should bee part of all builds. You just left me speechless here mate. Not only have you denied that there is an issue with camera jumping upon rotation but you also have called a dozen of people liars. Is that the way to go with you? And no, its not my computer or ping, got ping of 32 on EU and a pretty decent PC. One could argue about mouse speed and sensitivity, well if some speed of sensitivity causing performance issue the Devs should limit that. Like some other games have done! No, blame it on the player, sure sure, that will get you far. To be completely fair, yes if one is to rotate a camera 300% more lowly that thing with jumping camera goes away...... But that takes more that a second and by that time, just dont bother pressing the Disengage/ Engage coz its too late.
  8. Well Was wearing only white gear. And the situation was such that flanking wasn't possible, but that is not the issue im talking about. A few people nw have talked bout engage/disengage. Again, its fairly okay to get away from someone, but its terrible for catching up with someone who is getting away. I have a decent gaming PC and people i play with as well, but of you have to rotate camera twice 180 degrees and want to go i a straight line, 8 out of 10 times your camera will turn in unexpected direction. It might be a an optimization issue with the game, but im pretty sure all of you know what im talking about. And its quite fun dynamic dont get me wrong, but its not suited to chase someone down, if it works 8 out of 10 times its not reliable thing to use. Hmm. Get over it and move on.... Well i would rather suggest that Devs make it work and dont pin it on a players so called inability to use it. So, am i to understand that the camera skipping and jumping all over the place when rotated is not an issue? If you saying that its not, then me and at least a dozen others are just lying (or all have really crappy computers). If it is an issue, are there plans to fix it? and how soon? IN either case, Disengage-Engage is not reliable at the moment. even when you are getting away from someone and only have to spin your camera 180 degrees only once, 4 ot of 10 times it still messes up. Well, why not give us something to actually lock someone in place for at least a second or two, something that actually works, unlike the effect of diffusion, but a proper knock down. Well Myrms and Champs are doing just fine solo. Maybe the Devs made a mistake in naming the class, lets give Myrm a stealth and call them Assassins. And the current Assassins can be renamed in something like bogyman. Not being able to actually effectively kill an enemy, only scare them and disappear.
  9. Well, one pretty much has to chose Fae as an assassin, other races are less preferable, although indeed elf is the second best. Everybody has those, so its not a gap closer. Unless Assassin has the opportunity to open up on a stationary target those "not" gap-closers are of insignificant value. Coz when i open up and use stun, the target breaks out of it and jumps away, the distances of the "right click: skills are also all different so i have to use mine and then either run back or chase. Then rinse and repeat. And its even worse when i first to have to use a right clicks to close the distance, then i just wont be able to catch them because they (in most cases) have 2 dodge rolls to use. You can say that right, after i saw what a Myrmidon or a Champion can do i was.... damn ... Indeed balance seems to be a side issue with the devs at the moment. And that is why I am giving my take on the Assassin and how to make it more viable, and not just hitting and running back and then trying again. Its called an Assassin, not feral druid for crying out loud! Well, One Major is pretty much always Black mask (especially for the upper spec). The other Major disc makes you choose what to sacrifice. And that shouldn't be the case for a squishy melee class. I would like to be able to close the gap and lay down some slow or dazed effect, both not just one. Well I wont speak for all other classes but just take a look at Myrm and Champ.... they dont have problems with either gap closing or CC.... and got a freaking lot of damage on top of that as well and even some invincibility. Damp the gift that just keeps on giving.... I guess Devs meant to make them like this..... hmm... not really an argument is it? The list is true for every class (well maybe the first point is more Assassin specific), and could be said about every one of those classes. One should always try to get decent gear and vessel. And ofcourse experience is needed a swell. And yet none of that will correct for the fact that Assassins just lack certain abilities which they should have had. If you have two similarly geared and experienced people those class shortcoming will be the same. Ill be damned if I would have to switch to Mymr or Champ because of the inability of Devs to make some classes playable....
  10. Yes assassins have that ability, but it is mostly suited to get away, if you are chasing someone its bloody useless, especially when quick turning around of the camera will result in an unpredictable direction. It only works in theory, in practice its useless. It would be really nice to have an ability (not dependent on spec tree or Major/Minor Disc) to catch up with someone, preferably slowing or stunning them at the same time. And also to be able to dodge an attack. This is the only game not having that kind of dynamic for Assassin that i know of. And the two dodges are not Assassin specific, everyone has more or less 2-3 dodges.
  11. Like in so many other games I prefer playing an assassin. However I was shocked to discover how “wrong” this class has been implemented in Crowfall. The only classical assassin features that were kept here are stealth, poisons and damage from behind Where are the gap closers? A blind? Where is a proper ambush when one teleport behind the target and stuns them? With everyone being able to get out of stun more that I can stun them how am I supposed to keep my target in reach? And how am I supposed to catch fleeing target? Being so freakishly squishy assassins have no survivability, and you have not given us even a proper gap closer and some king of damage mitigation? How come only one spec of assassin have got a non-breakable stun (like cheap shot) and only the other a ambush (which isn’t even a proper one)? I know that one can say that Diffusion slows and Caltrops …. Yeah, only when you got all conditions, like poison and right amount of pips to use it…. The only stun ability (in cutthroat spec) has a ridiculous cool down. Unless Assassins a given a decent gap closer (preferably the one that stuns or roots or slows) and some way to mitigate damage (and I don’t mean the useless shield from the middle spec) we will remain a gimped class useless in sieges and extremely underpowered in open world. As of now all the start must align for us in order to get some nice kills in PvP. This is just a unfair way in which assassin are implemented in this game. Fix us a.s.a.p.!
  12. Yeah, skinning is very slow and not proportional. it sucks that you lose durability. Its strange that it hasn't been fixed yet because it doesn't appear to be that much work seems to me (having some dev experience).
  13. Tnx for the info. Are those mobs only in campaign?
  14. Hi Everyone, I was wondering how to get Black Mask for mu Assassin. I know it can be bought. I'm pretty sure it can be crafted. At least i cant do that yet.... But does it drop from something? And from what? By the way, are crafted Disciplines better than the ones that are looted? And if you feel really generous, maybe someone can suggest where to find other relevant Disciplines for Assassin (cutthroat build) 😅 Tnx in advance
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