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  1. Looking forward to watching you play. It's always been fun watching you pvp!
  2. I always try to help test when my schedule permits. I think it may really come down to just people's schedules not always able to match up consistently with the testing periods but I can really only speak on my behalf. If the numbers are dwindling, I'm sure ACE will start to add more testers.
  3. I bought it to give it a try and have been enjoying it thus far. With it being B2P I'll consider my investment in BDO paid for by the time Crowfall comes out.
  4. Oh man, this post is hilarious, please keep it going. Lol
  5. Yes, it is one of the free shards that is out there.
  6. @Zinnie I'm assuming when they stated Alpha 1 testers who pledged in early "kickstarter" means those who upgraded to the 2015 Sapphire+ may not be included, but this is an assumption. As I only pledged gold during kickstarter and was in #300's for the campaign but just recently upgraded to the 2015 Sapphire and I haven't received an invite.
  7. I'll hop on and try out the server. I typically just play UOForever, UO:Ren or UO:T2A freeshard. Always looking for more shards to play!
  8. http://www.twitch.tv/jumboperson Jumbo is currently live for anyone who hasn't noticed yet!
  9. I'll definitely be streaming and posting videos when I have the opportunity. Like the others stated, once things really get rolling I'm sure multiple streams and videos will start coming up quite a bit.
  10. It was awesome seeing the game play today, definitely looking forward to the upcoming tests!
  11. It was definitely awesome going on to Twitch and seeing that Crowfall stream available to watch!
  12. That's just indicating when you redeemed your package on the site and the entitlement part just means that's the group you will have access too. That doesn't mean anything in regards to the actual schedule..
  13. <<<<< Here's the gold one for you, hehe
  14. Congrats to the individuals in the EU region!
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