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  1. Greetings!!!! Has been a while since the last time I've wrote down something. So, today I come forth to suggest a change in the Campaign Territory control. Right now, outposts are open 24/7, Forts usually open up once or twice per day. But whenever I'm in the map, and I am looking for a fight, if I am alone I probably will NEVER be able to find enemies unless they find me. Or I could just simply run in front of the enemies' faction gate and wait for people to come out but that's not the point. The point reguards Map Awarness. While I am harvesting some sweet ore, I would like to have
  2. Greetings! I'm back with More complaining! We are closing up the Campaign and I managed to test out a few Sieges, to understand how they work and what to try and bring on my own. I've really enjoyed exploring the depths of various classes, and I thought about: How can I be the best usefull to my team? I'm more of a support type of PvP, I enjoy fighting but I think my true "Form" comes out on support classes. While I didn't want to be Full Healer, I still wanted to have more utility than damage. I decided to go for a Templar Fury, and I noticed it really has some strong self sustain.
  3. So, I've been recently studying a lot this game. Thanks to the Guild I recently joined I learned what's the proper path to follow to begin being "usefull" and I understood that alone you can't really do much. I've joined this game because I understood it was going to be PvP oriented, where people could fight over resources/castels and such. After about 3 weeks of gameplay, I've yet to take part into a battle, because my stats compared to those fighting regularly at the keeps are just way too low. I have nothing that allows me to compare my skills/stats with those around me or against
  4. You are a beast, rating this 10/10, made my day ^^ Thanks!
  5. Hey! I've recently joined the game and have been farming around on my own for a while. I'm really impressed by the Amazing amount of choices the game gives you, creating an actual weapon has never felt more "Real" than this in an MMORPG. I mean, actually depending on my skills and on the materials I get, the stuff I makes is better or worse. I love this. Toh there is 1 issue I'm currently dealing with: Finding a path to follow. I do not know if I missed something or if I'm currently not understanding, I've been roaming around the faction temple for a while and there are
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