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  1. That's a very good suggestion, but unfortunately the game switched off our guerrilla tactic options by removing the 2 Forts open in a single zone per hour. And when Zergs are able to pull 50+ players, while we are 20, Forts are not an option anymore. If we want to run as 12, playing to attack outposts while avoiding Zergs makes so that we have no way to be contested. Groups never play with these numbers to capture outposts and we never have a fun fight anywhere. So if we want to play as 12, but we dont want to run into 50, PvP is Empty.
  2. Stopping Dregs now and updating the rewards for it and Shadows, having everyone move to Shadows for the remaining time and making so that Factions can't have too much of a number difference between each other in terms of players would be able to group the remaining players. Changing the Forts timers to have at least 2 up at the same time on a zone, while also reducing the PvP time from 4 to 3 hours based on the server. Adding an extra Hotzone on each time. Giving actual updates on what's happening with the Combat update. And removing that goddamn Skills cap so that people stop abusing ball up classes for group fights. (Fun fact, I run Paladin)
  3. So, you have Skypoint, filled with new players trying to learn the game out on their own until they get dragged in either a Zerg or a non-Zerg. Skypoint will never be really considered dead for as long as new players keep jumpin in. Then you have Shadows, which is supposed to be where guilds without Zerg power need to head to to obtain some sort of rewards that should replace what they can't obtain in Dregs, because... Dregs is where big boys run. If you are a small/medium guild here you have 2 options, either play during empty times to harvest resources and THEN go back to Shadows to have PvP, or join an Alliance to get more than 50 players at the same time to run for Forts and Keeps. Because of how Dregs is organised now, 1 Fort opens on each map. If a Guild wants to own a Fort, they just take Everyone they have and place them on top of the fort. So the only way to win against them is to run more numbers than they do or a counter build with the group that can make up for the difference in number. But because of the skills target cap this strategy has its own limits. No-one has the power to oneshot anybody for as long as someone is running defensive skills. But this is not the point. The point is that running in Dregs means that everything depends on what your guild is able to do in terms of recruiting, not only new players. After 2 weeks, nearly all the minor guilds that are not part of the main alliances have been kicked out of Dregs. That forced them to find a secondary option for content, and the only 2 options were Skypoint or FvF. Being skypoint a starting zone, with resources up to rank 6 and level 32 mobs, it'd be pointless to play there, so Shadows is the best secondary Option. So why is Dregs influencing FvF? Because if Dregs was going to be Factions based from the start instead of Guilds based, players could've complained less about zergs, as everybody could've been a part of one of them, or have secondary fights happening alongside them. The limits on the alliances made so that only the guilds around the zergs still have something to do on it. We could speculate that maybe 1 of the 3 factions might get stacked compared to the others, but knowing that you were not the only one fighting in the faction is still better than what it is right now. FvF rewards are so bad compared to GvG that it really makes 0 sense to play there, and 80% of the remaining players try to stack on the evening fights in GvG. If Shadows was thought out better, it could've saved everyone from what's happening now.
  4. If the popular server is sucking the life out of every other guild, yes You are from Winterblades, so you probably aren't seeing that aside the major Zerg guilds, No-one else is surviving this. 4 Alliances are up and running, every other guild is bailing out the game. If you aren't within said Alliances, it's pointless to fight in dregs. If you dont fight in dregs, rewards are stupidly bad everywhere else. If they dont stop or shorten Dregs lifespan, by the 28th everyone will be playing New World instead.
  5. I know this request is ambitious, but FvF just lost all their player base. We had a 3 guilds alliance running 20 players per evening. We had to quit Dregs because of 50+ players zergs were making us unable to contest anything. After a decent run on Shadows at the start of last week, this week nobody showed up. We lost 15 players in 2 days, and all 3 guilds are discussing about disbanding (a total of 100 players). All because if you aren't a Zerg, you have no place anywhere decent for content. This game is killing its own playerbase.
  6. Live Server Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Combat is fun because the range of classes and races available combined with the big amount of combos you can create with disciplines makes everything interesting to work on. Everyone loves trying out new classes and see their potential. Crafting while complicated is fun to learn. While it could be made better by decreasing the gold needed to upgrade it, it is fun to work around the crafting options. Live Server - Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? The Campaign rewards for dregs are far too much for top guilds and rewards for Faction v Faction are too poor, they are the litteral equivalent of a 1 day farm, which is insulting. Target caps on so many skills makes you feel usless when you play against groups that have more numbers than you. I tried so many Crowd Control focus classes, but most of them are pointless as the CC I deal lands only around 5 people around me, while everyone else is unaffected. Why should I take Crowd Control when I can't use it at peak potential against big groups? At least increase the targets cap on skills that are clearly meant to hit many players. I've never seen anything above 5 (only some have no cap) so just either double it or add 3 or 4. The content for regular groups is far too empty. When we play as a group and we manage to score a win against maybe another group, 90% of the times we get swarmed by a revenge zerg that we can't deal with. Contesting certain areas has become usless, because we know that if we try to hit there, way too many people are going to jump in on us. Connected to point 2, the skill target cap really works against us, because since the enemies are so many and the targets are chosen seemingly randomly, we are unable to work with callouts for AoE damage. If a group balls up and we cast lots of AoE into them, it wont to a thing, we wont to any usefull damage to them, and it is frustrating.
  7. THIS IS THE SOLUTION, DO NOT TOUCH THE GAME FILES! Requesting Crowfall support is the best option you have, as the issue is generated due to an error loop within the zone you got stuck in. First of all find the latest log file created in your game folders following these instructions: https://crowfall.com/es-ES/faq/playtest-support/5F80nPPq8MOoWy20qcuS4c Right after that, send an e-mail to support@artandcraftentertainment.com with said file attached to it. In the mail describe that you are unable to start the game and that you were stuck while moving in a specific area. The reply the support gave me was that they reset the zone I was stuck in, which freed my account within a couple of hours.
  8. Greetings!!!! Has been a while since the last time I've wrote down something. So, today I come forth to suggest a change in the Campaign Territory control. Right now, outposts are open 24/7, Forts usually open up once or twice per day. But whenever I'm in the map, and I am looking for a fight, if I am alone I probably will NEVER be able to find enemies unless they find me. Or I could just simply run in front of the enemies' faction gate and wait for people to come out but that's not the point. The point reguards Map Awarness. While I am harvesting some sweet ore, I would like to have an hint that the enemy is attacking the fort that is in a map nearby. Or it would be lovely if a map indicator would allow me to see which Outpost in the map is currently beeing attacked. You may say "But that would ruin stealth action, there would be no strategy in this" but at the same time it supports solo players to act and reach action points without the need to be in an actual guild. Also you may say "The game already gives signals on what is happening!", yes but actually no. It says "XXXX Fort is beeing attacked" and you have to open the map, read the names and see which is attacked. If you are in another map, it doesn't even say it is under attack until the enemy captures it, at which point you realize it has been attacked just because it was captured Same for Keeps. Same for Outposts. The game feels empty on PvP side. So basically: Give more dinamic signals to the map, something that shows us What is actually happening and where. Even a "Live Log" that says something like "The enemy is attacking a FORT in Aethradal!", shown in the map. If this game is Really PvP based, give more PvP informations.
  9. Greetings! I'm back with More complaining! We are closing up the Campaign and I managed to test out a few Sieges, to understand how they work and what to try and bring on my own. I've really enjoyed exploring the depths of various classes, and I thought about: How can I be the best usefull to my team? I'm more of a support type of PvP, I enjoy fighting but I think my true "Form" comes out on support classes. While I didn't want to be Full Healer, I still wanted to have more utility than damage. I decided to go for a Templar Fury, and I noticed it really has some strong self sustain. But during the sieges, results weren't what I hoped for. I recently obtained a Cleric (missclick, because I had a new vessel and I failed hard) but with "wrong" stats. I decided to go DPS Arbiter, just to test out something new. While it doesn't have nearly as much sustain as the Templar (mostly because of the wrong stats) it still has some decent damage. But what I've noticed between Fury and Arbiter that makes me regret the time I've spent farming exp for them, is Retaliate. Crowd Control is like a Skydive from 100 meters trying to land in a small swimming pool of 2 meters. To be able to make it balanced you really need to hit the target after hundreds of tries. CC as of now in Crowfall seems to be way too strong against PvE mobs, and completely usless in sieges. With the Fury, I am able to take on a GroupBoss on my own while I just keep on Knocking it down with the parry, or Divine Light to heal up once every while. The Arbiter is unable to keep the CC on the same level, because the parry is just way too strong for these monsters. When it comes to Sieges, the CC becomes basically pointless. At the beginning I thought that an Arbiter would be usefull because Rooting couldn't be retaliated. Now it can. In PvP Arbiters are completely usless. As basically ANY TalentTreeBranch involving CC. Everything because of the Retaliate. Why go CC when your opponent can Ignore it and ignore basically any other upcoming CC for 4 seconds? And this can be repeated about 3 consecutive times. Stamina can be drained with this, yes, but stamina also recharges, and attacking doesn't make it go down. I completely understand that Retaliate's true strenght comes for sieges, where many players are involved and you need to be able to recover from lots of hits. But if that means ignoring Talents that were put there for a reason, I would totally rethink about a few thngs. Now you could say "Hey, you are complaining just because you are using that class" but be honest, retaliate right now IS pretty strong, and all CC classes are pretty usless. My tips: Retaliate : Add a Cooldown of 3 seconds After the Anti-CC Status ends. Reduce the Anti-CC Status duration by 1 seconds. Gives at least a 3 seconds frame for CC to actually kick in. This doesn't Excessively boost CCers, but gives them a window they can open by using 2 consecutive spells to CC someone. Parry: While the parry should remain unchanged, the retaliate of the parry should have a cooldown of about 5 seconds. Paladins are just the excellency for PvE. And they are supposed to be healers....
  10. So, I've been recently studying a lot this game. Thanks to the Guild I recently joined I learned what's the proper path to follow to begin being "usefull" and I understood that alone you can't really do much. I've joined this game because I understood it was going to be PvP oriented, where people could fight over resources/castels and such. After about 3 weeks of gameplay, I've yet to take part into a battle, because my stats compared to those fighting regularly at the keeps are just way too low. I have nothing that allows me to compare my skills/stats with those around me or against me. I have no grasp of what's the "Potential" damage that a player can reach, or what's the avarage skill level of the players I'm playing with. Aside from this moaning, I've started preparing myself taking a look at some sieges and videos of fights happening at the keeps. And I've come to the conclusion that the Offense is always at extreme disvantage. "But if that was the case, how can people capture forts and keeps like that?", simply is a matter of targets priority and fighters available. Outnumbering your opponent. The offense needs way more fighters compared to the defence, because the defenders have 1) Guards, 2) Spawn nearby, 3) More safespots to heal because the guards wont attack you anywhere. While now with 50/60/70 Players ingame is kinda obvious that only up to half of them are interested in battling in a Keep, things will escalate quickly when the game goes off Pre-Alpha. I support the idea that battles should be even sided. Especially reguarding the spawn distance. Defenders can spawn inside the keep, attackers instead have a LONG WAY to walk back. Using Planetside2 as reference, I think the game should add something to help Fast respawn not too far from the battle, just temporary. Example: Outposts are basically just Points makers, but instead of Towers and Camps, there could be a 3rd type of Outpost that as captures, could be a Temporary spawn during siege hours of that Parcel or a Fort/Keep's parcel nearby. Also please reduce the durability drop on death, I just lost the whole mail I had after dying too many times to ambushers ç_ç
  11. You are a beast, rating this 10/10, made my day ^^ Thanks!
  12. Hey! I've recently joined the game and have been farming around on my own for a while. I'm really impressed by the Amazing amount of choices the game gives you, creating an actual weapon has never felt more "Real" than this in an MMORPG. I mean, actually depending on my skills and on the materials I get, the stuff I makes is better or worse. I love this. Toh there is 1 issue I'm currently dealing with: Finding a path to follow. I do not know if I missed something or if I'm currently not understanding, I've been roaming around the faction temple for a while and there are some things I didn't understand: 1) Is it normal I can't sell items to merchants? My balance is sad and just by killing village monsters it takes a lot to gain certain amounts of gold. I know I should be able to farm to easly obtain materials and Create stuff on my own, but then wont the NPCs be meaningless? 2) I learned that I need to create a "Mount" item to run faster, but following online guides doesn't help, because the Mount isn't anymore where it was before. Since buying it for 500 gold is taking me a lot, isn't there a fastest way to do this? 3)Is it normal that I haven't made a single Discipline gem yet? I saw some being sold at the NPC, but always same issue with gold. How do I create them? I mean, just today I learned that the stonemasonry is WAY too usefull, but I feel like I haven't even taken the "Noob stuff" that I usually get at gamestart. 4)Is it normal also that whenever I join the game I get a new longsword and a new shield? Kinda annoying now Sorry for all this stuff, I hope someone is able to fill the holes I have left in my path ><
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