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  1. Ok i tested it: If you go for maces with crush pene and a chest armor with crushing Bonus (and a bow with crush pene, but that Bonus doesnt apply to the stun trap since only current used weapon of melee/ranged tray stats are applied) you can boost the dmg of the stun trap quit a lot. Overall the specc doenst work though because you cant sustain enough Energy in melee stance (maces are too heavy/Energy cost Multipliers too high) I ll just use the melee weapons/arrow(quiver) dmg typ modifiers on these weapons. The only remaining Question is the dmg Bonus you can get on chest: You could go for A= slashing and use slashing arrows wich would buff both melee and ranged direct dmg. But im not a huge fan of the Bonus you get from slashing arrows B= go for bleed dmg and use piercing arrows wich would buff stun trap dot/pierce arrow dot (and cross Slash dot...wich seems to be underwhelming low or bugged atm though. Cross Slash bleed ticks only once for very low dmg = bugged ???) C=go for piercing and further increasing the range dmg (and also the dot from piercing arrows since it scales with the original hit applied) but that wouldnt buff stun trap since its crushing dmg) Any thoughts ? Discuss
  2. Heya, i ve tested quiet a of ranger specc/Major Disc combs over the last Weekend. But i still got some Questions wich i cant find the answer for myself (at least testing alone) due the lack of a little more detailed combat log. Mabe someone found a way to test it and can answer my Questions 😃 Question 1: If i use a Special exotic arrow/quiver will the dmg of all bow attacks be changed to that dmg type or only the 3rd shot (or will all shots remain piercing like the bow is ?) Question 2: As Brigant we get Bonus piercing/slashing dmg. But Brigant also got3 traps causing x+x% weapon dmg as fire/nature/crushing dmg. If i increase slashing Bonus (wich my melee dmg weapons are, Short Swords) slashing Penetration etc will i actually also increase my traps dmg or are those only scaling with actuall weapon dmg displayed under char Infos (and ofc crit , ap etc) Question 3: Is there any item wich modifies range distance cap besides the high Tension bow ? I was able to get Wardens/brigand range distance to 47m (as elken) but not further. Would be awsome if someone could answer those Questions or volunteers to help me test it my own
  3. Ah lol...thank you didnt see that
  4. I just looked over the ranger skill tree and most stuff seems pretty clear. Unfortunatly the lvl 25 passives arent expained at all, Could someone list me what exactly "Trick Shots" , "Aero Spin" and "Booby Traps" do ? Thanks in advance, Pest
  5. Heya, i recently started playing and got few questions, help would be appreciated ! 1: I can go to lvl 16 in about 2-3 hours with farming/sacrificing but from then on i havent found a propper method to keep lvling. Whats best to do there, find mobs that actually give exp and grind them or is harvesting/scrivicing still "fastest" way ? 2: Is it "viable" to do a campaign at non max lvl or should i stay at gods reach till hitting max ? 3: Besides skilling combat stuff wht should i focus on ( or what basic harvest stuff would i need before actually going for crafting skills? ) How would you start if you were brand new ? I checked youtube for beginners guides but those i watched where more like "totally noob never played a game before guide to crowfall" covering really lowest tier of basics like how to move etc (stuff i figured out in like 10mins playing the game my own)
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