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  1. you can do that in your personal crafting menu (does not require stonemasonry table) in case that might be the issue
  2. Using Inquisitor - Fire of Life will mute your game and you are unable to use anything until you close and re-open the game. relogging to different account does not help either.
  3. You can't loot alpha gryphons after killing them and they disappear after a time without being able to skin them. https://imgur.com/8RVeLK5
  4. Sooo, why exactly do you keep simplifying the game unneccesarily? As I understand it, you just removed the whole reason of seasons, by removing their passive effects? Why would it be the same chance to get good stuff in Spring than it is in Winter, when the reason for those seasons is, that the world is dying? Some of those changes need more explanation to be honest. Give us some more info about this? Is there other stuff planned that will inherit those things like higher/lower Plentiful Harvest stats?
  5. As i was just looking through the post with the Miner/Necromancer Discs + Belts explanation, I found myself asking: Why would anyone EVER pick Risk Management over Helper Monkey? HM does the same as RM (yes on a different stat with a different cap, but anyone that has crafted anything on a level past blue will know that you won't reach any of these caps) and more? Not sure what the choice here is, tbh. to clarify, I'm talking about the legendary Specialty Toolbetls
  6. People won't die again: Killed him like 6-7 times (see the red druid orbs that spawn when they die)
  7. Spellbound Bow + Frost arrows apply severe Frostbite + Root. The Frostbite on the Target reads: Deals damage every 2s, but it actually deals damage only every 4s. The damage itself also is NOT listed as Severe frostbite, but Arcane Multi-Purpose Shot in the logs.
  8. Ranger - Archer Talenttree: Promotion Class Capstone: Archer does show "Power Damage Bonus: Ranged +9", the final statblock called "Sure Aim" also notes "Ranged Power Damage +9%". But the Details window only shows 9% for the "Power Damage Modifiers - Ranged". It's either a typo or not giving the additional 9% from one of the blocks. (I haven't made a new archer to test when the 9% is applied, yet).
  9. Quiver Damage is not been shown in the dynamic Tooltip of skills. LMB skills from recurve, compound and spellbound bow also don't update with a quiver.
  10. Ranger - Archer Promotion Class: Equipping a quiver does not change the damage nor the damage type of skills you gain by equipping disciplines. Soul Steal for example is not increasing it's damage nor changing damage type to the one that my quiver is. Barbed Stake does not increase damage (tooltip says it will always deal bleed damage) Multishot has a "+" after it's damage value in the tooltip which is misleading, as it's the final damage already None of the Tooltips adjust when you equip/change a quiver
  11. You only get attributes every other level now, if that was the case
  12. Can we get Domination Dust in one of the Vendors in the EK? It's literally the only thing that is missing there from fully living in an EK (crafting, housing, storing, etc)
  13. Exotic Arrows/Quivers don't work with Spellbound Bows. Crushing quiver does not stun the target on a fully charged 3rd LMB when using a Spellbound Bow. Damage Type does apply tho.
  14. One could try to balance in small steps like tuning it down to 40% first, which is still strong but not as powerful anymore
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