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  1. As i was just looking through the post with the Miner/Necromancer Discs + Belts explanation, I found myself asking: Why would anyone EVER pick Risk Management over Helper Monkey? HM does the same as RM (yes on a different stat with a different cap, but anyone that has crafted anything on a level past blue will know that you won't reach any of these caps) and more? Not sure what the choice here is, tbh. to clarify, I'm talking about the legendary Specialty Toolbetls
  2. Not sure if you actually read the announcement, but no vessel gets wiped, only resources. See me post above yours.
  3. For those wondering if a specific thing will be deleted with the update, download the test-client and login with your account there and compare your bank. You'll see what is actually going to be deleted and what not. What i found so far is this: - Ore - Wood + Heartwood - Stone + Minerals - Leather - Mounts + Fast-Mount scrolls - Sacrifice Materials from Harvesting like grave goods, sands of time, amber spiders Things that in my opinion count as resource but won't be deleted: - Body Parts - Necromancy Additives That's what i've seen so far comparing inventories. Hope it's helpful to some of you
  4. @sleepitoff666 The launcher has issues connecting to the Update server for months now. Just open it and wait. You'll know that you are NOT connected yet, when you see the "Completed" text on the bottom left of the launcher, you start and still have the "patch to 5.xxx" error.
  5. Well the version we got on live now has atleast twice as many bugs in it, as the one on test. So instead of pushing the version from test to live to test it more, they brought a new version of the TEST-server version to live and broke kind of everything
  6. My guess and wish would be PVE areas like in the Albion Online Beta (back then before they reworked the world map). You had open dungeon areas, accessed by a gate or something and not instanced at all, just so it is not 100% obvious to the enemy right away (like the gate at the temple in gods reach). At any time during your "dungeon run" you were able to being raided by another group that just came in while you were fighting mobs, pulled more on you and your group and killed you first and the PVE mobs afterwards. This was a "perfect option" in my opinion and i hope we will see similar things like that in CF. Anyway, I hope some devs read this post and are on my side
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