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  1. Guild criteria: Region: NA Atmosphere: I am very new but looking for someone to help me understand how to play and contribute Casual/Hardcore?: I ca nget hardcore as needed but looking to focus on crafting Size: Doesn't matter just looking for some serious guidance and advice Play-Style: I have played many MMO and Survival games and am tired of the battle grind I want to craft grind I guess to try something new Commitment: I work until the late evening so most nights I will be on past 10 pm PST Miscellaneous: I like the idea of crafting and helping in the background but also helping the frontlines as needed can be done as well. I may need hand holding at first but once I learn I can really pick it up Experience: Been playing MMOs since Ragnarok online and looking to scratch that MMO itch while looking for the next great MMO Voice-Chat services: Discord Or anything else as needed P.S. I sound like a child but well into my 30's
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