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  1. Sadly 100% agree Ble, I've been really enjoying my time, and been trying to give the Devs as much slack as possible since I started playing a few months ago (was aware of original kickstarter, didn't end up backing because of reasons) but tonight kinda killed my high for the game. The server cap of 2500 is pretty cruel joke if it can't handle 50 people and 6 catapults. I find myself and my guildies (all of which bought several accounts each after our first 10 hours of play because we loved the game) being severely disappointed by the actual nature of sieges. Between the Banetree bug current
  2. When all builds are homogenized around the same minors its typically indicative of an issue with design or balance, in this case I think it is design. The class / promo / disc system is wonderful, let us explore it more. Limiting our options (such as capstones taking a passive slot) and having so few buttons makes it so there are very few viable builds. Make 9 buttons baseline and move capstones to always active like Sanctifier Confessor.
  3. This. For the love of god, please. ACE - you guys have a really fun, awesome class system between base classes, promotions, and major / minor disciplines. I understand that you want action bar load-outs to feel meaningful and for the players to have to make choices; having a limited amount of buttons is fine. However, the reason the entire player base was running Expansive Mind / Demo Pact is because we currently have too few buttons. Even with EM + DP man classes still we're making tough choices on what to take. Please bake in expansive mind at least to every character, 9 buttons starting (
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