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  1. No like i said i will definitely push forward into the game, wait for more content etc i'm aware of the state of pre-alpha but i felt like it is important to give a "first impressions" feedback for the developement. As for the guild i played with someone from yours i believe that helped me reach 30 and answered few questions so this point is getting better.
  2. To be honest i really hoped the answer would be to provve me wrong on many topics, and ye si believe the aurrok had this prefix, 'ill watch out for it now. i'lll push forward into the game, i still have plenty of aspects to epxlore but it's really not a good first impression.
  3. Well where to begins, this game is problematic, you really really want to love it but he doesnt even try. So i'll do point by point why i personally find the game unapealing atm: -The time gate behind trees, i mean they are all littles QoL imrovement that quickly adds up to be a huge bonus but man, why it is time gated like this? You don't even grind for it you just wait, while being offline, and it seems to be mandatory for late crafting//gathering. -Clunky gameplay: i leveled a druid and promoted it to archdruid, and man what a disapointement for now, either i'm low on essences before fight so i can stack a huge blight bomb before engaging and the mob almost get one shotted OR i'm high and i have to fight legit and it's a pain, half the skill almost has no impact, the bear cast attack seems to miss 60% of the time because of lag server, once i am low on energy it's either i drain my life or have to stance switch and spam orbs but at this time i need orbs to heal myself by for bombing them too. I do not despise the gameplay but man is it clunky. -Lag server: i know it's a beta/pre-beta whatever, but you can not have a healthy test in this kind of nervous gameplay game when some attacks miss randomly or some monsters melee you at 10m range. -Ressources are overwhelming, too many different leather/wood/or etc and for each type they all have the classic white>green>blue>purple quality, ending up having too many different smal stacck in your bags and bank and still not able to craft your first leather armor/advanced weapon early on. And it's not just about ressources, the number of secondary stats is overwhelming, as the profession talent tree etc. -Mob grinding: not a lot to say, combat is not balanced i believe, on one hand i can pull 2/3 mobs on my templar and live just fine and ready to pull again, on the other hand as druid i have to kite all day, waiting for ressource etc. at moments it is hard to find the right rankk of mob to lvl up, you leave a zone cause you don't need rankk 3 anymore and the next zone they are rank7. Same i had the exemple of farming pretty easily R5/6 mobs on my ranger and when i turned on a R4 aurok he litterally 2 shotted me, i'm prertty sure i lack some informations there but it's not like if the game give you any on anything. -And last but not least, the servers are desert, i barely can find any group to grind war tribes even the weekend in EU, not a lot of connected players online to help you figure out what happen or tip you. I rreally hope your answers will change my mind on many points because i really want to love this game. Sorry for my english btw.
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