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  1. 1) I think the telegraph issue is concerning. I think his point is that good PvP'ers use visual cues to see what the opponent is doing. If telegraphs are a muddle, which is what he said, its a real issue. Hopefully it will be fixed. 2) Yes, if you look at it critically, we see text on top of characters, we see bad particle effects. It all smells like inexperience among the devs, which is odd. 3) The issue is exactly that, the ping and the lag makes it tough to play across regions, right now. There remains a lot to be fixed.
  2. Not been very active over the past few months, but I watched some current videos with a friend who has spent a lot of time as a high end PvP player (over 4000 in Overwatch for example). His comments were interesting. 1) Telegraphs are probably unfinished. They need to clean them up, you won't attract high end PvP'ers without doing that. 2) Lots and lots of screen clutter in combat and still way too much lag. 3) Do they expect to restrict gameplay to regions? Modern guilds are not regional. Thoughts?
  3. We had a functional RSS feed for months, but it no longer seems to work. Is there a new feed?
  4. Vikingnail, As I'm sure you know pre-alpha, alpha, and beta are used in wildly different fashion by different companies. ArtCraft continues that tradition, I'm not aware that EQ2, or AOC, or GW2 invited 10,000 people for their pre-alpha, no. I'll gently disagree about all pre-alphas being done in house. To answer your question directly, yes I've been in pre-alpha for one of the games listed. I was in alpha for others. You are sort of correct about number of pre-alpha testers, but most pre-alphas and some alphas require formal testing with record keeping and are far more rigid than pre-alpha here. You may dink around, but are expected to actually work at the testing and are asked to test certain things. You fill out forms, and may have interviews. I once even went to a test with people watching in a hall with dozens and dozens of computers and players. All that said, I'm not attacking Crowfall or ArtCraft, I want this to succeed. I think the devs are fantastic.
  5. First, I think Crowfall has the potential to be just what the PvP MMO market needs. I'm concerned about what I perceive as a fairly small number of testers, even for a pre-alpha. I'm further concerned that the Crowfall sub-reddit is slow as well. I'll suggest that the two things are connected. To address some comments and expand my thoughts. -I've done a number of early tests (EQ2, AOC, GW2, and a couple of others). I still think the numbers of testers are low and I'm not sure of the quality of testing that ArtCraft is getting Tyrant announced that over 10,000 backers are invited and over 60% have participated. I'm not on all the time, but I've not seen a single server approach 60, much less 200 at any point. -Some commentators have suggest that people are not enthusiastic about pre-alphas. I think that correct as my guildmates are not interested in pre-alpha, but many have said that they will be playing presuming "things go well." I think many for us will be 30 or so, not 150. Many people don't want to PvP. Our guild has 4 who can test right now, two of us have been in game. However, you have to get enough people into testing to build word of mouth. Again, I'd suggest that the community here needs to be a bit evangelical, but as we move closer to launch and the game approaches release, there is a big benefit to adding people to improve the "buzz".
  6. I'm a bit disappointed in the number of people we have in testing. I'd like to see more people participating. I've been guild leader of a very active guild for years and we often have 50+ in a given game, but had 150 when GW2 started (and upwards of 400 in Everquest days...which is too many!) We've been both a PvE guild and a PvP guild in the past. I do think Crowfall has great potential, but getting guildies to pony up the funds to play/test has been difficult. I'll also comment that I think the reddit for crowfall is slow. My sons, both very active gamers(in their 20's) had never heard of Crowfall, but really liked how the combat looked in the big world. Getting the word out is important. I hope we see an increase in interest over the next 6 months. I'd like to see the reddit numbers explode and more people participating. I'd not mind a mechanic to allow guilds to participate on a limited basis. We do need more people involved, perhaps not in the current tests, but going forward.
  7. Viking, I agree that this is pre-alpha and we have seen improvements and all of us hope/expect things to improve dramatically. That said, I'd like to see some of the concerns directly addressed. For example, I'd like to have someone say "We hear the concerns and the plan is to work on animations/combat optimization in June" or "we can't optimize combat until our shipment of green combat chickens arrives from Rangoon in May" or even "You guys are dorks and we've got this poorly made sockse...chill dudes...we'll make it look better than GW2 and Wow." I worry that some of this is the engine, that some of this is the physics, that animations are balky not because they aren't optimized but because they can't be optimized at this point because of the underlying engine, not because there is not enough manpower. I'd like to see some experimentation with how combat works. tldr: Green Combat Chickens for the win.
  8. This is an interesting article from Syp on the biobreak blog which touches on some of the things that make combat impressive in MMO's. I don't agree with everything, but certainly responsiveness is a huge factor for almost all of us. I also agree that standing still to cast is irksome. Crowfall continues to have some issues with both responsiveness and with mobility. https://biobreak.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/8-factors-that-make-or-break-mmo-combat-systems/
  9. teer


    Those of us who are fans of Crowfall might want to do some voting in this: http://www.mmogames.com/topmmos/best-online-fantasy-game/
  10. Well this popped up on my calendar: Crowfall Test USA West server client controller+skills WhenFri, February 5, 5:30pm – 7:30pm That looks a bit like a playtest on the USA West Server with client controller + Skills. maybe....perhaps. Yippee!!
  11. I guess the big question is when will we see the client controller? I've not been in game in several weeks, but presume it is delayed.
  12. I've got lots of things that make me worry, but two of them are the most worrisome right now. 1) The mechanics of combat need to be vastly improved. In my opinion, character movement and combat need to be as smooth as WOW or GW2. Hopefully, we'll see a huge upgrade once the client controller goes live and hopefully that smoothness will continue even in large scale combat. 2) The next worry is more complicated. In conventional MMO's, there is clear accountability and that is a large part of what makes them fun. For example, I cast a heal which rescues someone from death. I feel good, the person I healed feels good, we win the fight and go home! That makes up the story and its fun. Moba's thrive on this kind of visual storytelling, but that is, in part, because they are small group oriented. As the groups get bigger, personal accountability becomes less obvious and we are left with the sort of thing we saw in GW2 or WAR. The group that pours more AOE's into the smaller group wins. That can be fun for a while, but there needs to be more to the game. To really be a breakout game, Crowfall needs to make larger fights meaningful, while at the same time offering smaller group opportunities. Thus far, we've only played, seen and heard about small group combat. We need to hear and see more from the developers about large scale combat.
  13. Love tea, I'll be right over. Which EK did you say the shop was in? Your tea IS stored in vessels so your tassel wearing vassals won't spill any on my vessel, right?
  14. C-Murder, Thanks for the clarifications and the discussions of Group and guild consistency. Yoh, I agree with most of what you said about GW2. I would comment that GW2 WvW did go quite a bit deeper than the zerg if you fought as a cohesive group. Groups of 20 could easily defeat groups of 60 if you were organized about it. Comparison of GW2 and Crowfall was not the point, however. It just served as an illustration. C-Murder and Yoh, My guildmates concerns run deeper, let me see if I can do a better job explaining his concerns and discuss WHY he is anxious about Crowfall. The key sentences are: "PvP does not need a trinity, but it does thrive when there is highly visible accountability.... Passive buffs are pretty crappy for this -- on some level, you know they're helping, but they don't tell much of a story. Big movement impairing effects are awesome. Knockbacks, shield blocks, hooks, teleports, polymorphs, body blocking, stuns, roots -- these are super valuable utility effects that are highly visible. These are all good support powers." and this; "MOBAs thrive on this visual story-telling. But they can pull it off because of the relatively small group size. This becomes quite a bit harder (impossible?) to do with very large melees" and finally: " they need to do combat better" He believes that for games to be fun they need clear cut roles and accountability and that combat both in small groups and in larger ones needs to be fun. Roles are fairly easy, synergistic roles among classes are a good deal harder, and making synergistic roles that work in both large and small groups and making fun combat with those groups across all group sizes might be impossible. I'm hard pressed to think of a game that has been able to come close to succeeding, despite budgets that far exceed ACE's. I'd gently suggest that until we really see what ACE has in mind and actually see some combat we remain supportive but skeptical. We have a very bland discussion of the first support class from Todd. I understand why that is, but I'm a wee bit disappointed, too. The upcoming combat trial will be interesting.
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