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  1. @ACE_FancyHats Just an idea, which will assist in fixing Druid Classes over Cleric (sorry clerics). You can assign priority auto targeting to allies over enemies when swapped to the Life Tray and back to Enemy when in the Death Tray. Clerics are a bit more complicated. You would need to make sure to have two auto acquisition points, and the system will need to prioritize friendly vs enemy per ability being used. (Sorry Devs its gonna be a few long work weeks for you). One of the biggest complaints is about Field Surgeon Rescue. Quick fix for that would be to reset cool down if no healing is received. That way we can try the heal again if it snaps to an enemy. (Temporary Solution) Thanks again for keeping us in the loop. Good luck!
  2. Thorough post, covers all of our healer targeting issues, and needs attention. Thanks @Ble for the thorough explanation. @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman Make Healers Great Again --- Or we meme you.
  3. This is a good idea. Make the zone have timed bosses (PvE driven PvP) so we can fight each other for them. Also, just make campaign toons access to EKs without embargo.
  4. Seeing two general chat tabs on the window, as well as each time someone says 1 thing, it says it twice in a row. Great patch! Thanks!
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