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  1. I thought it meant bird droppings really. Just as long as it doesn't turn into Crowfail.
  2. I understand what you are saying...but my thinking was that we will need a plethora of scenarios...this one would be challenging...for me anyway. What would I do...I typically role a spellcaster...would I let myself age (ugh) or would I have to retain my beauty and vigor. Then I let my internal daydream go on...hummm....if I knew that it would help in an upcoming seige, then yes I'd let myself age for added power. But it might be 'difficult' to age since others players would NOT want me to gain that power and that's where the strategy came in. The aging was just a way to visibly show others I was powering up and went along with the phases of the campaign.
  3. My thinking is that it would be a challenging ruleset for a world. Hopefully we'll face many challenges but we'll need quite a few scenarios ... this wouldn't be boring. Remember that defeating someone rejuvenates you so that you can retain your current forms...it goes along with the spring, summer, fall and winter theme. Once the world (campaign) is completed you would return to your previous appearance. A spellcrafter could opt to age so that their intelligence increased...especially if they wanted to be a bit powered to take down a Keep.
  4. I'd think that it would encourage folks to PVP, but from the lack of interest in the post, I guess it doesn't seem appealing to anyone .
  5. A world where you age...and can only rejuvenate when you successfully defeat another player . . . where getting too old affects your agility, but rewards you with intelligence and craftiness . . . would this be interesting to play?
  6. Part of 'winning' is holding the land. Here you win and lose it. Makes no sense to me. Win a war and lose a world. ugh.
  7. I would think that if you win a campaign you will have better stuff in EK to show to everyone. Better housing, better guild housing, better stuff to put in the housing... You could even get npc's, more land, etc. Just by looking around you could see the benefits of winning a campaign.
  8. Will player characters appearance change as hunger spreads? We see the mobs are changing . . . we should as well. A year-long campaign seems a bit long . . . unless . . . it is made up of shorter weekly campaigns so that folks can join every week. Also consider that player characters ARE changed by the campaign . . . let's say by aging . . . maybe they could opt out for a week to rejuvenate in the eternal kingdoms.
  9. lol . . . except in my daydream we had to fight to take the world back . . . with their ruleset. Could've been challenging. Maybe.
  10. That's very true. My question is what would happen if they could change the ruleset of the world they conquered. Maybe that can't be done or maybe it can. But if it could...someone could create a utopia for crafting and housing with pve elements and no pvp. Hardcore pvp elements would salivate to take over that kind of world so there would need to be a way to overthrow such a world.
  11. Do you see how interesting this could be. If droves of pve'rs became united and won a world. What the heck would happen?
  12. I know, right? I was just playing out scenarios....and wondering if the king/queen of the world could affect the ruleset of that world.
  13. I was was letting my imagination do it's thing. And I wondered. What would happen if a large group of PVE folks decided to fight for the throne of a world. Could they change the world ruleset? Could then make a world just for PVE? Would this be crazy fun or crazy awful? How would we get him/her off the throne? If he/she could change the ruleset, could he/she also add PVE elements? Like dragons? What will our limitations be?
  14. I really like the idea. It adds texture to the game. It can also add a sense of adventure and thrill. There should also be falling damage so there can be high-risk added as well.
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