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  1. Well, by the time this game is finished my kids will be grown up so I can play all night again! Sounds perfect, doesn't it?
  2. About 50% of the time, loading screen gets stuck and I have to kill the client. Next time I log in, my location is no longer valid and I'm being moved to a "safe location" which, yet again, turns out to be the middle of some monster camp 🤐
  3. So as of now, "Login failed. Please try again." - what did I miss? I didn't get a prompt do accept new terms of service, just a failed login. Edit: Have to log out on forums and log in again to get the prompt to accept new agreements... then login stops failing. After logging in, I get the the advertisement to accept new agreements on crowfall.com on launcher!
  4. Sometimes I have to kill the game because loading screen seems to load endlessly. When logging in after that, it tells me that my last location was not valid and I'd be teleported to a safe place. Then I spawn in the middle of a monster camp. Guess what happens next... ^^ This happened already 3 times.
  5. So for a bit of feedback... I have played for like 2 days now, just running around chopping trees, collecting herbs, mining some and generally trying to find my way around. As I love exploring and finding things it's great that one can interact with so many objects in the world (and I quite like the world as far as visuals go) but the crafting, talent and skill system is just TOO much detail I think. Isn't this game mainly about PvP? Don't think anyone would miss anything if there was just 50% of depth Information on the game (items, how to craft this, how to find that) is also hard to come by. Maybe too hard? It took me quite some time to figure out how to fight something, and some time more to cope with 2 mobs that continued to kill me before I could loot my body wouldn't want to think about fighting another player, especially as my client is slow as hell. Each time I launch the client it yells at me that I don't meet the system requirements (I am supposed to have 2 more MB of RAM) and then it launches anyway. Right now, Crowfall reminds me of the good old times in UO, when I went mining near Minoc for hours... just me and my pack horse.
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