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  1. https://stadia.dev/ if it will work as they say will be new age for massive multiplayers game like Crowfall.
  2. you can argue monsters will be drop items for sell but then u kill all crafters and economy again. we dont need some frostwiever character but we need focus on economy and look how look like life if somebody play 1st day or 1/2 year or 1 year
  3. only the rich will be rich and experience crafters or miners will be rich because nobody will buy green ore or resource. new players will be w8 about 1 year to farm epic or legendary items. 1 legendary person can kill alone RB and drop him 100k gold (15 min time) 1 white person can kill one npc and drop him 20 gold (3 min) 100 000 : 3 = 33333 min - nice balance for full legendary disciplines u will need 1,2 M gold if u will buy in vendor
  4. This is the problem of the technical tree when you come later you are absolutely nothing. Some people what I know enjoy crafting, trading, ghatering, economy, but they can't enjoy the game when they don't have a chance made something good and sell (they are active every day but their skill depends on the technical tree. If they spend more time actively does not help them) ... when will be wipe this people what is nothing buy 2 more account because he already knows that the game is pushing them. #CrowfallEconomy #CrowfallOpenForNewPlayer #Crowf
  5. nowadays I think servers are not expensive for 2000 players
  6. hello i have a question about this templar FURY build. If i want play FURY what race is best ? what benefits he has over others CC class? how look like his DPS +/-? why should I play ?
  7. create someone's poll / multi acc. yes / multi acc. no if win yes we can start thinking more why not pay 200 USD for 500% training speed or more 400 usd for 1000% !!!
  8. problem is passive tree if u had 4 acc u dont need buy vip points and u will learn 4-5 time fast (one aac crafting, 2 crafting, 3 explo., 4 explo., 5 combat) 1 acc 50 USD (4 acc 200 USD) 1 month vip - 15 usd ---- 1 year 150 usd
  9. multi accounts = cheating and Exploit i want see game rules if there something about multi acc. if so, it must be written right away when the player buys the game.
  10. sir u find big problem multi accounts. Why CF not asking 100 USD and give u 3 acc because if player will had only 1 acc trading selling will work. with multi acc they ar teaching 6 passive tree insted 2 INBALANCE IMBALANCE NO FAIR PLAY .... thats good question for developer who can ask ask them
  11. of course I understand what you say and thx u for that but I always thing good armor is more important than an unfair fate that I started playing the game a year later
  12. fnukafka


    i will like to see test wipe combat tree for one season ist like 10 days and u will see differences. mabey i am wrong is doing nothing important never try never know but we will see if combat tree affects the game
  13. fnukafka


    1st day after wipe and players killing t7 - t10 monster i dont thing so
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