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  1. fnukafka


    thx surelia i didn't know that. but in-game will be more use-full then on internet
  2. fnukafka


    very helpfull will be some guild UI because i not seen who is online and what lvl has what profession he skill up etc.
  3. it will be a better feeling when you are dying and wearing blue armor than when you are dying and u has basic
  4. i dont know why everyone crying is good for game and population mobs will drop some gear. then u have a enemy and pvp almost everyone playing for strong side. best side has best crafters what making only best gear for best side. what happened on other side no crafters no big guild still loosing - is good time to change side and go to best side .... on best side when will be CS it will be 2000 players vs 100 (2000 legendary weapons vs 100 poor)
  5. sorry for my bad english 🙈
  6. Hello i am new in this game these are my observations we have 3 lvl of players ATM: 1st. lvl - beginners like me ( 30 lvl - completing 1st lvl skill perks (basic combat, basic craft or expedition) we can only mining lvl 5 recourses and killing lvl 3-7 NPC. (about 20 days learning) 2st. lvl - advanced beginner (30 lvl - completing 2st lvl skill perks they can slowli start gathering lvl 6 recourses and killing 3–10 NPC. (about 100 - 150 days learning) 3st. lvl - PVP players PVE - zone (for players lvl 1 and 2 they must stay in zone min. 100+ days - need area with mobs 6-7 - need recources lvl 6 - need area or zone (with equip cap) they can fraction fighting (because lvl 1 and 2 cant go PVP server (no perks for fighting and harvesting) and more then 1/2 year no filing blood on ur sword is bad) (everyvere saying this game is PVP or KvK - need some fraction market in capital city - need some resource convetor because if u ar lvl 1. and farming - 400 iron ore give u about 35-40 green iron ore (1000 iron ore = 1 purple) - and what to do with clasic ore 50 IO - 1 green IO / 20 green give u 1 blue etc. - need someting for what u can spend gold. PVP - zone is only for US players EU playes cant fight 4:00 at mornig.
  7. Hi i am playing this game about 6 day (i lvl up my char it was very easy after gear up) Only what i can do in game is hunting coloured resources + fighting with npc for gold. gold is unless now. i would like improve my fighting skills but if u have only 30 people on server is no CS and zone capture. then will be fine had some arena for 2v2, 3v3 ( u can charge 150 g per fight and wining team will earn this entry + some token what u can uses for buying arena pvp talent or something)
  8. hi i play yesterday i have some knowledge rebel camp lvl 5 : Cleric npc lvl 5: 3 time cast something and send me to underground texture all npc lvl 5: there flash is terrible maybe change size of flash (jump form u) ... Bard rune (mounth speed is same like song speed) ... life per hit not working i using plate (iron ore: stats life steal) never get any of heal on basic atack
  9. ty .. i have one more question i have first specialisation Bard (i like it) what else i need ? mean rune (i am full plate) 1st major ..... Bard 2st major ..... ??? 1st minor ..... sup bonus with plate 2 st minor ..... ??? 3 st minor ..... ???
  10. hello i am new i would like play paladin but i dont know his mechanic mean he healing group members if atacking or what? then witch stat is optimal for him ATK 100, dex 40, int 100, stamina 100, health 50 ??? and what stats i must LF? crit hit, crit shance etc. can some bady help me thx u
  11. is so bad for game and this game is butiffull i like this game but will be boring meeting same character because will be only one way how play build u if u will try change and u wrong your 1yers progress will .....
  12. thx u for answer: how can i know what stats i need for human paladin ?? if i never play him befoure and no info ingame about him u need more int or atk or stamina ? do u need health skill or u need crit for heal. if i want find question about that u must made 50 new char on paladin then 50 for fury and if u finaly if know what pick come some balance skill change and u start again
  13. this is very important if u cant restart skill every time if u want and try new skill and u dont know what skill doing and your character is lvl 20 and skill u pick is wrong u must delete character and progress and start again on lvl 22 again try skill delete character u do 10 more times is waste of time and players who know what to pick is 30 or 50 time stronger then u because u experimenting with skill .. can u do for player like me some price for restarting lvl an stats about 5 EUR
  14. hello i made character human templar i can be vindicator - several dmg buffs sacrificing surviability execute is free extra slashing dmg bonus fire dmg paladin - parry drains less pips holy war available more ofen devotion is enchanced divine light is free crit heal buff with every heal fury - get a slow increased CC duration reduced soul power cost on ult etc.. for every these tree need diferent stats. how can i change if i do mistake or if i want made some hibrid build (ATK, dex, int, stamina, health) human point: how can i change ? offtopic: how cant templar use hammer and book for paladin spec ? is it meele priest
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