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    Lately GTAV RP, Binding of Isaac, BTD6, PUBG, Crowfall, Ashes of Creation,, LOLs TFT, Anime, Manga.
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    Not in a guild since my Runescape days with Zer0 PVM back in 2011.
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  1. As it is, raid bosses and the such are too easy to get too with no repercussions making an easy kill. War camps are a great idea to counter this, but very poorly executed. Instead of plopping a Raid boss/Chief/Champion by a big out surrounded by like 10 mobs. There needs to be some more difficulty added too this. Add in a portal that leads you and your party/raid group to the area which has tons of mobs to break through, fight a mini boss, fight more mobs, and boom big boss time. Since we are having armor drops in game now, you can at least make them harder to get. Yes I am talking about your everyday MOBA Dungeon. They work great, and we need them for our PVE aspect. What is PVP if the PVE is too easy to farm materials and rare items? BUTT thats if the current game engine can handle that added load. I can go into further detail, but thats later. Right now is food time.
  2. The difference in Stamina with Spirit is so low its insignificant to train spirit for stamina purposes. Is this a bug or intended? You can see the obvious flaw. 100 Spirit 140 stamina, 43 spirit (less than half, only 133 stamina)
  3. ok, so any bug fixes with this update? Any updates not matter how important are relevant. Could be something as simple as changing the shade of apples to a darker red for no reason. I'd love to see any updates.
  4. I have had two friends get cheesed while crafting. Whatever the item was, their chances were 96% success rate, they both failed two times in a row. Once they re logged the third time they both got their successful craft. I am not sure if both of them got unlucky twice in a row, or there is some kind of bug. I can't give any more details than what is written here as this did not happen to me and they didn't really elaborate on what they used. It just seems too fishy to me.
  5. Just had a r10 Satry knight chain me, that pushed me underground which made me fall under the map for around 10 seconds before dying. I spawned as a crow, the game crashed. Relaunched it to be found at temple as a crow, i spawned but I was revived dead? I had to relog my character to get a proper revive. Here is the screenshot of that. I
  6. Just found an Item dupe on accident. I Live in NA, playing on EU server, so there is Latency issues with connection.
  7. Spawning at Temple, Game keeps saying Ive leveled up to my current level (12). I got 13, now when I respawn at Temple it keep saying ive leveled up to 13. Restart Client, problem still persists.
  8. Hi! My name is Ciggy! I go by CiggyRum and Cigarosoad on other platforms. Crowfall has hyped me to the moon and I will trust in my decision to buy into another pre release game. Two in the past have failed me. Bless Online and Mavericks ProvingGrounds. I am 100% sure this will not be the same. I sunk a good hour into the game so far. I know its pre alpha, there is tons of content missing and tons of bugs. I hope to be of use to the developers with reports/ideas-suggestions and whatnot. This is a long journey that I am in for. I shall study the forums to learn more about the game and who has already posted what. Much love! -Ciggy
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