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  1. Bon Tippers is giving a Dined buff for +1 general experimentation points instead of the 15 risk reduction/wined buff.
  2. Just wanted to post here that I did some testing with this talent and a friend. It seems that the debuff from this talent when using slowing poison only applies the drain once I stop attacking. I'm guessing the slowing poison is being reapply each attack so it's never ticking a full 2 seconds to get the drain? Not really sure why but this interaction really hurts this talent as I think it'd be extremely good otherwise.
  3. I have been messing around with Vandal Assassin for a few days now and the playstyle feels really good for the most part. That being said I did want to leave some feedback regarding some of problems feel hurt the class and some possible fixes I feel would help the class overall. The first and biggest thing is probably that there are too many sources of poison damage leading to far exceeding the the poison damage cap. In my case I had the 30% poison damage bonus from being a vandal, 10-15% (depending on active poisons) from the efficient poisons talent, 4% from my major disciplines, 4% fro
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