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  1. What's stopping players teaming up in the everyone for himself worlds? Also the guild v guild, wouldn't that just give advantages to whichever is the biggest guild?
  2. i got a trojan warning off that link. btw
  3. Id be worried if they were pushing marketing on a pre-alpha game.
  4. Wipes should only happen, if there is a patch that requires a wipe. For example to test the economy from scratch, to test player progression from scratch etc. There should not be a wipe just because people want to play the alpha to win, and cant compete with those that have been around for awhile. We aint here to win alpha, were here to test the game, find bugs provide feedback. We can worry bout winning when the game launches.
  5. I dont know about everyone else but for me, im not really looking for a survival game where you need to eat food to stay alive. In other games that are close to the survival sandbox/MMO/rpg style they have the foods give buffs, regen your health, and regen your stamina.I dont think food should impact gameplay other than some buffs to health regen and stamina etc. Aslong as it doesnt make me need to actively be searching for food, when im worrying about other stuff like pvp and gathering or crafting etc then i dont think it will be a huge problem for me. I dont want to play a survival game, i want to play a MMO/RPG/Sandbox hybrid
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