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  1. The game is interesting and i get that it is a test. But I've never seen an enemy player. For that matter I've never had a need to group with another person. Its like the servers are just empty. I'm starting to think that maybe I've somehow ended up in like some bizarre oceanic server list or something. The players online at prime time on weekends seems to be around 50. This seems critically low? Did i do something wrong or is this just how things are right now? i mean 50 players over 3 factions we are talking 16 players in my entire faction this can't possibly be correct? just to find other players that are near my level i would assume that we would need hundreds on each faction online at the same time. just to make the crafting systems work properly. Who are you supposed to be crafting for? The other 15 dudes? how much gear could they need? Whats the likely hood they need what you happen to be making? More importantly it seems like most if not everyone I've met is crafting? is there some big 'ol war somewhere where the rest of the people are playing? Please let me know if i'm doing it wrong or if i'm supposed to be somewhere other than campaign? Also the dev blogs keep saying this is supposed to be some mixture of RTS and rpg? Did i miss the RTS stuff? is there like troops to build or something? Should i be contributing to some global faction war effort or something? is there some sort of Blizzard esk AQ unlock happening some where and i'm just in a newbie area? Please bestow me with that knowledge smack down i'm very confused.
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