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  1. Thats actually what im go0ing to do ;> A / B / C options is ONLY a question about the bonus dmg attribute you can craft on chest and if i should go for slashing arrows if i craft a slashing dmg chest
  2. Thanks for the reply, i just found the arrow/quiver dmg thing out my own 5minutes before your post (shooting alt char who used scarecrow/mudman barriers with piercing/crushing arrows) Despite the fact that we only get slashing/piercing bonus as brigand wouldnt it make sense overall to go for crushing arrows and maces and push crushing dmg/penetration with gear ? so you would buff ranged+melee dmg + the best dmg trap ? Its really wierd that warden gets bonus dmg to crushing while not beeing able to wield runic maces or having any crushing dmg based skill (ex
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