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  1. Thats actually what im go0ing to do ;> A / B / C options is ONLY a question about the bonus dmg attribute you can craft on chest and if i should go for slashing arrows if i craft a slashing dmg chest
  2. Thanks for the reply, i just found the arrow/quiver dmg thing out my own 5minutes before your post (shooting alt char who used scarecrow/mudman barriers with piercing/crushing arrows) Despite the fact that we only get slashing/piercing bonus as brigand wouldnt it make sense overall to go for crushing arrows and maces and push crushing dmg/penetration with gear ? so you would buff ranged+melee dmg + the best dmg trap ? Its really wierd that warden gets bonus dmg to crushing while not beeing able to wield runic maces or having any crushing dmg based skill (except arrows) and brigand can wield runic maces but doesnt get crushing dmg bonusses ? I really like the brigand but im missing a clear structure to the dmg of the class. Traps are an important component of your dmg but its impossible to push all their dmg with a certain dmg typ mod/penetration stat. Im not 100% certain yet but with the 225 ap from brigand tree and high qual gear (+wright major discs) ap cap shouldnt be a problem to achieve (and neither is crit/crit dmg cap as a dexer class) so what go for as a brigand in "lategame" / near max gear ?
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