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  1. Sorry, to say, This game has so simple strategy, that is You have to do list: -Level you class (killing same mobs all the way) - Gather resources -Craft armors -go to Combat Basically, The end game is about Gathering and Pushing buttons. Simply, I have never seen MMO with poor contents like this game. To make more player to come , You have to add many Activities to make players to enjoy the game. if the game about pvp only, it has to be free . For improvement , make it small group pvp or 1 vs 1 pvp and arena at least.
  2. Game requires to add many Graveyards and need timing adjust too. Today I found one player , He just press F then G, without knowing that he can fly to the Graveyard, Maybe if there is indication to tell player where is the closest graveyard to fly to it.๐Ÿ˜ wow -Death
  3. My point of you , from the post, that the rewards not effect the play-style or strength of the classes . The rewards only for Transmogs weapons and armors and Decorative for Kingdoms and stylish frame name . The system even not mainly required players to be online daily. the system only require to collect points. The goal from that , with time with coming months and years, new players will join the game and old players will not have showing they were Early in the game. ๐Ÿถ
  4. I don't how will be the spell casting and target selection in controller. I hope they fix the lags and Fbs that make playing ranged classes , so difficult to master in pvp
  5. I drag the Discipline to my bag, not working , then I drag new one to the equipped one slot , not working too. Only option I have to drag it out , so I lose the discipline and having empty slot. It seems there is no way to save used Disciple
  6. I mainly play Druid. I have around more than 10 skills to master and my damage is low. but Assassins, huge burst with 5 skills. if there is complain to make , is to nerf your stealth or moving down.
  7. I have major Disciplines in my Slot, Can I replace them, with another one in my bag?๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ
  8. Hopefully , I don't get hungry while I am offline๐Ÿ˜
  9. I mainly play Druid archdruid , because of the balance in healing and damage. I played other classes like assasine and templer and champion. I would like to say, Druid required high skill to play , not simple class. Furthermore ,@Andrallia I never use Bomb Blight way, I only used to as Debuff the target , then burst him with my Spark. Bomb Blight using it in pve for farming is fun ๐Ÿ˜‹
  10. The game requires to have at least PDF manual guide to know how to use the UI and keyboard shortcut. So players not have to search for it . Manual only will have couple of screen shots show how to interact with UI . It is just 1 hr work effort and publish it only . Attachment example from other game, I hope developer will make it. Alpha Manual Example
  11. I don't thing developing world pvp much more now will be good target. Economy development need Market place that players can buy/sell and need gathers and crafters , so players can go and enjoy pvp world. Many players specially new players will start in pve zones and old players will enjoy pvp and they will have to go pve for gathering. I recommend to add contents and activities in PVE zone sooner is better for Growth of the Community.๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  12. I am just new this game , what I have noticed that developers focus on Team fight and Campaign which is not daily things to do in the game it is season activities. I would like developer to keep attention in improving the game in wide range. in brief, most players or all of them will start gathering or even crafting, so need to improve pve contents and add many activities like killing boss right now or farm camp for xp or gold๐Ÿ™„
  13. I hope my post will get your attention. for the time being there is not that many testers or players online to play the game for various reasons. I would like the game to have system that will reward players by weekly or monthly for their activities. Activities like kills mobs or crafting or gathering , when the player do any activity , he/she get points to open chests.๐Ÿ˜™
  14. Dueling others in any place with any member will be extremely fun, and it will require to put achievements for that . the cost of the fight to be open from zero to any amount of gold, That what I have noticed in other games
  15. IT is better to go in now , just to make sure the Training Points get to the max so you will have good time playing later.
  16. Hopefully they remove those stats, very bad idea and out come only 1.5 increase in stats , for only small change in stats The gathers running around to get it!!!! ,
  17. For old players, Discipline is something important to get , to boost your damage and gathering . but for New players Gathering and crafting even leveling is so grindy . the game need many mini developers to enhance it . waiting for next patch to see some fun
  18. Hello Phaiden,,, Yesterday, I saw you playing. now The game in pre Alpha, stage for long time . I am new player to the game, I played around 6 days and only I see 12 players everyday. What I have noticed that many players buy the game and drop it , and comeback after 1 year. the reason is to make sure the talent points to be high enough to open many skill which will help you in crafting or combat or gathering. If you play the game only for leveling to reach lvl 30, then in 2 days you will get your target. but if you want gathering or crafting like me now, you will be very slow and not fun at all and progressing so slow Plus, those time there is no Inventory management in game, so you will spend many times to sort your bags
  19. Just to add a point, regarding Gathering experience from different Server games, like WoW and Albion Online and GW2 for playing online games around 8 years. 1. Gathering tools, I should having in my bag, no need to equip for using 2. Stamina, just make gathering not fun and make farm slow and not fun. 3.I play this game online for gathering and xp is zero. it seems this game for only one type of players pvp. 4.Tools durability, losing the tool for every 10 trees I cut, even in real life never happen. 5. many type of trees and quality, in crafting quality only matter, so no point make variety. The game become complicated for players to get fun, comparing to other MMO games, lack of fun and strategy in economy has huge mix. Manger of Crowfall has to be determined in which community they want to bring attention . Three type of players in all Server games, Gathers + Crafters + Fighters For the gather , game is so pain to progress, because of lack of inventory management and lack of important of the resource For the Crafters, there is no one Market place to sell or buy players items , to make economy flow For the Fighters, only go compagin or camp some players , Hard work to find better weapon and armor to enjoy different set. I played this game only for 6 days, and the game in all positions is no fun. it is unlike other games
  20. Pathfinder05

    Gaea's Wail

    Just yesterday, Test it, and as single target damage, The damage comes after the bear disappear and enemy health decrease gradually
  21. Pathfinder05

    Gaea's Wail

    Just to confirm, I just reached my lvl25 with druid, The ability Gaeas Wail, showing no damage in team fight or single target
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