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  1. Hello, I'm returning to the game and I'm completely lost, like a lot of people I assume. I bought a 2nd account for my crafter and I'm not sure exactly what race, class, let alone disciplines to use. What stats do you raise? Should I go for Vessel making first? See? I'm just really stuck on what to do xactly as far as class, race, stats etc go. If anyone can please help out with this question I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thank you very much for reading the post and I hope you guys give some good feedback we could all use!
  2. 0ron

    Templar Meta

    Hi guys, I searched the forums and I didn't see this so I thought I'd post a thought about it. Races aside, etc, as far as the 3 branches you can go in the talent tree, whats meta at the moment? I know it depends a lot on what you plan to do but generally an answer for PvE and a meta answer for PvP would be wonderful. If so you could even link pictures to the build tree to get an "exact" meta build. I just know it would help a lot of people out and ease all the burden and questions floating around. Thank you for your time reading this post I truly appreciate it and I'm sure others are
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