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  1. You can find LoD up in this piece.
  2. We had to upgrade to lure in more millennials.
  3. Come join our new forums @ https://forum.lordsofdeath.com/
  4. Gaiden still comes around the lordsofdeath.com forums every now and then. I don't think he backed Crowfall yet.
  5. Send a PM to [LoD]Murd on the lordsofdeath.com forums.
  6. We're recruiting, and alpha2 is a good chance to see if you/we fit. Join our lordsofdeath.com forums and send [LoD]Murd or [LoD]Holden a message.
  7. LoD is going H.A.M. in Albion Online. Join the empire, and game with LoD prior to Crowfall. Otherwise we'll see ya in Alpha 2.
  8. I do not support this message...in fact i want to take your pixels and maim your virtual face (without using tab targeting).
  9. I loved tracking down discipline runes...especially when it meant stealing the commander rune from an npc in lokri's poorly made socksty elven backyard.
  10. The GoW guys represented well.
  11. LoD is live in Albion Online alpha. No promises -- only a chance to prove your worth. Join the Empire by sending a PM to myself or [LoD]Holden on the lordsofdeath.com forums. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANLweJzdKas
  12. LoD (in terms of numbers) is usually the underdog. I suspect we'll face a Crowfall zerg much like we did in SB. We're looking for new members who share the same gaming pedigree and have experience w/the LoD brand...typically prior adversaries.
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