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  1. In my opinion many people ( me included) quit and wait because of the wipes without any kind of reward, I mean why I should stay grinding my character for hours and hours when maybe in a week or a month all progressions will be completely wiped...I invest my time but I want something in exchange. I mean I understand the grinding and the need of wipesbut a compensation after the wipe will keep the players motivated. For compensation I mean the possibility to instantly create again the character you lost. Then on the other hand if you want us just to test well unlock all from the beginning.
  2. Technically speaking what a wipe wipes? Character levels? Vessels? Skills ( skilled on time)? If reset all sincerely no interest in skill up a character
  3. Hello, I haven't understood well if we are in soft launch and we are going to keep the character we are working on or there will be wipes. In that case I don't see any means in going further a white vessel. There are any official announcement from Devs about that? Thank you
  4. Same problems here the screen near the bottom center looks blurry as something invisible was there ( I tested in other games and on windows and it's not a monitor problem), also the backstab from stealth has a ridiculous damage close to 0. About expose also Ambush gets a buff
  5. Same problem here, and also the portals to other temple, i can understand that to block people from campering but should be marked areas so I know when I am too close
  6. I am looking for Agent Provocatour and Black mask rare level major disciplines and shadow caress rare level minor discipline, I can pay or trade for other rare ( epic) disciplines, you can answer me here or pm
  7. Hello, i am stuck to level up with sacrifice around level 8/9 is possible to level up with sacrifice a rare vessel or i have to farm mobs? Thank you
  8. @Ble I am interested, how much for an epic fae male vessel?
  9. Thank you for the answer, could you please explain me better how the vessel upgrade works?
  10. How this work I mean I understand how to upgrade but for example an upgraded version of the same discipline is stronger? For example Elven eyes let you see not +20 but +30? Does it work like that?
  11. For me a proper use of stealth,ambush, black mask, backstab, diffusion, shadow step is good enough
  12. I was testing shadow step with mobs and even if i go to stealth the mob keeps attacking me until i reach the distance to disengage but the disengage is for the distance and not for the Stealth from shadow step so basically shadow step is not working with mobs? ( ps was not a ranger)
  13. I have some questions about disciplines: . fashion statement: the 25 is a malus or a bonus to stealth is not clear because the 25 seems to have a minus in front but makes no sense if is a minus Pound of flesh: thebonus to damage is passive and that's ok, but can you put the passive in the stealth tray?
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