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  1. Was in the guild based off of the desert continent first, not WN, then joined a guild on the Ice Island, started with a D.
  2. This would be really solid addition.
  3. Honestly, you can look to quite a few text based games for a some cues to this type of gameplay. Players are capable and interested in a more political game sometimes than a lets kill the world game. I would suggest letting each player enroll each of their characters in the campaign and it would probably work best in a Shadows ruleset or Dregs where everyone has to flag a guild at the get go. Make it so PvE doesn't permanently kill a character out of the game. Only way a character gets knocked out is through PvP. The first few rounds might be a free for all, but as guilds set up and the u
  4. In my very first post Im going to have to vehemently disagree with the idea of a console version.
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