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  1. For all the reasons previously stated. Therefore, my vote was "No".
  2. House of Crow is currently not accepting admissions for recruitment. We are working on building up our knowledge and core group of crafters and gatherers. Once we do that we will open our doors once more. This was a decision made by the higher levels of management in HOC. As such i have edited the title of this thread to say [Closed].
  3. I agree with Crusader on this. If we are to run a successful tournament then the only way to get even close to regulations would be to at least state that nothing higher than a white vessel can be used. (This is because we are Pre-Campaign) In this way when newer players join it will limit how overwhelmed one can feel and in doing so it will help prepare a new generation with PVP knowledge. This is what I'd argue is part of our responsibility as players that were here before them.
  4. As we prepare to set fire to the towns with a dedicated core of players underway. We are a Chaos faction. You can hang with us in our discord: CLICK HERE We hope to see new some new friends soon!
  5. As others have already stated, right now its a smaller community of dedicated players with other gamers biding their time until the time comes where the game is in a more polished format. More to the question. Is this game worth buying? To me it is most definitely worth buying. I love the PvP and some of the PvE. But, whether you should give the okay sign or not I would say it that depends on the mindset of the gamer. So I'd say there are 3 types of gamer mindsets when looking or weighting the purchase of a game. (Of course this is my opinion.) Gamer A might say I prefer a more polis
  6. HOUSE OF CROW IS NOW RECRUITING! "LIGHT THE TORCHES AND PREPARE FOR WAR AS THE NEW CAMPAIGN KNOCKS AT OUR DOOR!" Membership Update: @kattarraa has joined the House of Crow! We are very happy to have them and wish them the best on the their journey. Clarification: As stated on our website in order to join House of Crow you have to be willing to join the discord and at least for sieges or possible guild battles (in the future [crosses heart, hopefully]) you need a working microphone or at least feel comfortable listening in order to gain membership to our guild.
  7. Thats some introduction! Lord? Thats a bit much okay but we will boost your ego anyway. Haha! Welcome to Crowfall & to House of Crow!
  8. Hm, so far the day and night cycles are my favorite thing about the game. Either way hello @Urielle!
  9. Welcome to both Crowfall and the House of Crow guild! @YourRivalRed
  10. Introduction Hello, I am Malekai the Guild Leader & Webmaster of the House of Crow. I am 23 years old and I would like to break down the narrative of our guild. Please know this is obviously not everything and it may be added to in the future as House of Crow and the game progresses. We are currently recruiting! Guild Stance We are an ENGLISH speaking NA guild. (English does not need to be your primary language but you must be able to speak English as well. NA does have to be your server though.) Faction is CHAOS right now. (If you are new you should understand that y
  11. YeQiu

    How I feel :)

    I hate this game called Crowfall so much, it keeps me up at night and its so good that the Devs should get a Nobel prize already. High Five! I love the game!
  12. Hello Everyone, I'm really not sure what to say but, that I am the Whisperer! I am Malekai, the Lord of Shadows! I am 23 years old and I'm a Leo. I'm a fun guy once you get to know me and I'm also a member of the renowned Council of Black Feathers and the House of Crow Webmaster. EST. 2019. I hope to get to make new friends, visit exotic places in-game, and have fun! Regards, Malekai
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