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  1. I like the skill tree system, especially the universal aspect, lots of strategy and decision making there. Arch Type just needs more flavor and options, and I'm sure we'll get there. Armor over and over is a little boring. It does it's main job though, you're going to want VIP access to level things up faster. I think we're on the right track. Need to see all the other aspects put in to really get a good feel. Right now, I think it works fine. The only downside is that it makes things less social than traditional leveling, but the game essentially forces you to be social, so should be ok.
  2. It's the right decision. The route you guys have taken in other development choices makes it clear a dedicated crafter/harvester is not going to be a thing in this game. At least, not in the sense that, that type of playstyle has any advantage or place over an alt account with passive training. I see no reason to make it fun and engaging to harvest or craft, which pretty much only dedicated harvesters/crafters would find stimulating and entertaining. Similar to PvE and raiding. No point in using development resources to make that experience enjoyable in this game, especially when a chief competitor, Camelot, is already going that route, and I would expect any serious crafters/harvesters with interest in PvP will just congregate there. Just focus on making combat decent, which I know you are, and make these secondary systems appeal to the combat oriented PvP'er that wants to get in/get out with minimal time or thought investment and back to the fighting.
  3. Never actually played a tabletop nor watched one played. That video made me really want to play it now, especially as a DM. Just looked like so much fun. And I watched the entire thing and was bummed when it was called for the night. I'm a fan of this. My favorite aspect was Jon. The guy was amazing. From banging the table, to doing the multiple character voices, to staying in character on decisions, and all the extra curricular nonsense, it was all just ultra amusing and awesome. I spit soda through my nose multiple times. Don't change a thing as far as characters, immersion, etc... Thought everyone played off each other well. Thought Todd was rock solid in his role. My least favorite aspect was missing the beginning. And at times, when the banter wasn't hilarious, getting bogged down excessively long in the decision making process got tedious. Overall though, this was pretty good throughout. Advice: Not really sure how realistic it is for the audience to have much of an impact on this. Maybe, if there are story arcs, we can vote on which way for Todd to try and steer them. For the most part, I think we're just going to need to be amused by the enthusiasm and banter of the group. So far, so good on that. If possible, it would be nice to see the dice rolls, but it's not a biggie if its too much of a hassle. Just keep doing what you're doing overall. No doubt though, Jon stole the show.
  4. Not a fan of new website layout. The Dev Tracker doesn't work for me any longer, updates aren't as clear as they were on the main page, I feel like the site is more cartoony now, and there's just too much scrolling. Just ugh....
  5. Not working for me as well. Don't really like the new design of the website either.
  6. They need to make this dynamic and strategic. If a guild kneels to another guild, the increase in loot they receive should actually come from the guild they knelt to. This makes it a dynamic decision for the winning guild in whether to accept the fealty or to destroy the losing guild. Essentially, is it worth the superior guild's resources to show leniency or not. On one hand, you might be able to forge a subservient alliance that benefits both guilds, but on the other hand, maybe the guild wants to keep maximum resources and thus risks the losing guild forming alliances with others to exact revenge. I dunno, just thinking out loud. There seems to be a lot of potential, hopefully they figure it all out.
  7. There is a lot of nerd speak going on in this thread. I feel like something important and good is being conveyed here, but damned if I can understand a word of it. So, knowing I'm outmatched, I'll just nod, smile, and walk away.
  8. I love that SB gets a spiritual successor with improved graphics and gameplay. Now for Everquest.....
  9. This system sounds great. I don't get the whining. The "Game of Thrones" is within each campaign. It has nothing to do with the EK. The EK is a lobby that you can decorate and craft within. However, the primary crafting will need to be done within the campaign. It sounds like crafting in the EK will be simple enough too, but you'll need to get the materials from other players. As far as banking mats within the world, the players will band together at various points to make a push on the vaults. There will be many opportunities throughout a campaign to go and load up personal resources in the vault. Will you be able to waltz on down whenever you want? No. Maybe if you have stealth and speed. I see this as a nice nudge to instigate further PvP. I have no worries about people taking components out of EK. I think there will be plenty.
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