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  1. Pretty much because of this, I don't really see much risk at all. When you go in with nothing, if you leave with nothing, what did you risk? Even WoW pvp has more risk involved. Losing you at least lose rank. Even W101 pvp has more risk involved... The riskiest campaigns will be the ones where there is full looting and allowing large number of items to come in from the start. I don't even know if that will be a combination available though. Crowfall seems to be taking the no risk/no reward route.
  2. I'll agree with what some others are saying here. I don't think most people want to change the vision and make EK>Campaigns. A lot of folks just want the EK meta game to be something that ties together the campaigns, to give winning campaigns more meaning beyond simply I won or a trophy. Right now, it seems like each campaign is a separate game in themselves. If that's the case, winning or losing is no big deal (who cares?) if you are able to completely ignore the EK part of the game. ArtCraft's example is Campaigns are the games and EK is the whole season. To me, that implies each
  3. I wasn't talking specifically about Lineage 2. Crowfall =/= Lineage 2 so there is no reason to talk about no hp bars in strictly those terms. I used examples from various MMO's. You shouldn't call people liars. Are you claiming I never played L2?
  4. Not really story or narrative, though that would fit if this was a single player title. But yes, I need a reason to campaign over and over again beyond "because the game is just that fun!" because it's a rare thing for a game to really, really be that fun. I know there are people out there that don't need any connection in their games. They play for fun, to kill some time, to relieve stress, whatever. It's not about the big picture for them, but the next 2 hours of not dealing with life. Personally I like something deeper in games I play. Right now I'm curious if that deeper connecti
  5. I got that from the interview too. I agree leaderboard isn't the way to go literally and there are more creative ways of creating a leaderboard with more meaning (*cough* fealty tree *cough*). As for playing campaigns for the sake of themselves? I think ACE is kidding themselves. Take a racing game for instance. Most people have no interested in doing single races over and over and over again. They want each race to have impact on a bigger picture. That's why racing games have story modes or seasons. Why would I play campaigns over and over and over again when there is no impact
  6. I played Lineage 2 and did not like the lack of health bars. I felt like it removed a layer of strategy. When you have a health bar, you are able to know when to use certain abilities to prevent heals and such, critical points for stuns, silences, paralyze, etc. Without a health bar, it's all guesswork unless you know your opponent fairly well, thus just adding another layer of randomness to combat. That's probably what the chaotic comment was referring to, randomness of not knowing when to block from healing or when to use a finishing move, for example. If Crowfall has limited healing
  7. I wouldn't exactly call Eve Online a "traditional MMORPG."
  8. The more I think on this, the more I realize everything comes down to the fealty system and doesn't require much changes to create something meaningful. How do you become the king? Right now it seems everyone is a king unless you opt into someone's kingdom. I think it should be the other way. All personal kingdoms are public and connected. You can opt out by making your land private, which prevents you from doing business with other players in the EKs. You become King by winning the most campaigns. The next 5 highest are dukes. The next 20 are barons, etc. People in these
  9. Exactly. For there to be conquest, betrayal, empires and risk, then there has to be situations where "The Iron Throne" must be defended. If the game ends when you sit down, well it's really a missed opportunity, ignoring the importance of being able to hold the throne.
  10. They are asking for money. The time to be extremely vague is over. If people are confused about core ideas of their vision, the time to clear those up is right now.
  11. I think we really, really need to convince these devs otherwise. My understanding of the current vision just doesn't make sense. Actually I think the vision sounds like a pretty cool game I could waste some time on. With a slight tweak; however, it could consume my entire life and be the greatest MMO ever created. Campaign > Resources > Eternal Kingdom > ? > Campaign They really need to fill in that question mark if they want to sell people on their vision as is. Campaign's have export rules. Why have export rules if you have limits on taking things into the next campa
  12. If the fealty system was tied to it somehow, which is what I think you are suggesting. That would be the perfect way to handle it. Success in campaigns means eventually becoming King, which means having some power. Tax collection, granting land, etc. The people the King treats well will want to assist him to make sure he keeps winning campaigns. Everyone else will want to depose him and you will have situations where suddenly enemies are working together to force a loss of power on the king, once they realize he is in their same campaign. This also creates situations where a Duke get
  13. JTC, Please read taroskin's post... http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3325-the-issue-is-not-campaign-permanence-we-need-an-iron-throne/ It mostly echos what Ren's ideas address. It is also verbatim my thoughts as well and really gets to the core of the issue people have with the non-permanence of campaigns.
  14. Great post taroskin! This is absolutely what I've been saying ever since EK was revealed to be a lobby. Very well written.
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