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  1. Will do, Haven't had pulled pork in forever
  2. Kind of like a smoke cooked pulled pork hawaiian burger? I could totally get on board with that. When cooking the butt though, I'd marinade in jack daniels.
  3. Thankyou! I am already a member of that one but I was hoping there would be more personalised groups or smaller groups for support! Really appreciate your comment man!
  4. It's happy hour here in Australialand, and I couldn't help but thinking. Whilst most the game is tactful, why can't we just enjoy the aesthetics too. More customisable options for "display purposes" to waste our efforts on would be fabulous, because as if a random templar wouldn't want a giant golden chain necklace to assert dominance.
  5. Should make it demonic with its power being able to possess animals/spiders/whatever in the game.
  6. Ok hear me out, HORSES. But they don't look like 💩 Think Andalusians, Friesians, Lippizaners, Lusitano. Imagine working your way up towards a majestic steed. I would totally invest.
  7. Lol I came here for the pig banter, but didn't expect this
  8. What exactly is a guild and how do I become part of one? Or, how do I make friends and allies on crowfall? It's just a little lonely playing by myself and I'd love to play with some people! Are there any good discord chats?
  9. Heya! I'm new My names Annie (Sorry boys I'm not selling my "gamer girl bath water") I would be super keen to join a guild or make some friends on the game as it's quite lonely for my character at the moment! Just farming and trying to get enough supplies to build some stuff haha! Please feel free to hit me up, I'm on discord under the name "Blobfish"
  10. Thankyou! Ended up getting a 15 R2 as I liked it better, loving the game and really appreciate your help!
  11. After discovering my Macbook is useless (I'm not even sure why I considered it a viable option for this game in the first place ) and my boyfriends old laptop unable to really play the game, i've decided to bite the bullet and invest in a gaming laptop! I'm sussing the Alienware 17 Specs being: - Processor: i7-4910QM (Turbo boost to 3.90 Ghz) - Memory: 32GB RAM - Storage: 256GB M.2 SSD + 1TB HDD - Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600 + GTX 880M/8GB (Similar to GTX 1050 Ti) Will this run crowfall ok? Thank you in advance for the assistance! x
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