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  1. - Rupture barrier of shield breaker, hits yourself as soon as reactive barrier of force mage kicks for its whole duration (30s). If you use devotion and divine light in this period, sins will apply to you as a debuff. - weapon finesse its not working - You cannot cancel wirlwind by jumping anymore, and that makes it even more clunky and useless. - If you use unstoppable of juggernout while furious retaliate is running, unstoppable will go on CD but the but immunity wont refresh. If you are 1 second from the ending of furious retaliate immunity effect, pressing unstoppable wont refresh nor activate that and your actual immunity will end after that second. - While immune to CC, you can still getting pushed/pulled/ chain pulled by knights for example. Physical CCs pass throw immunities.
  2. I started using Battle Rager and i noticed that, like other hp related skills, his main passive and his node Beefy Berserkering, scale with your current hp. You increase you maximum hp correctly after saving the crash or when there are enemies around 20m, but the hp you get depend on your current hp. With Beefy Berserkering if you are at 50% hp you will get 250 maximum hit points using Berserk if you have one enemy inside 20m range, but you will only get 125 hp back. Same things happening with Battle Rager passive, Blood of the Giant, Raging Bull ecc... This is making Battle Rager even more useless that it seems right now, is this a bug or it is an intended design?
  3. - I think capture points mechanic should work like Overwatch where if only one guy is inside the circle, the timer stops. Zergs have way to many advantages and in forts for exemple is way too easy, you only have to foolishly charge inside the circle because you gonna cap it anyway if you have more numbers and you will also have guards for free. - I also don't see the point to have a cap on armor and resistances if you can overcap those so easely and ruin a bit the late game because there are no other equal options. You could just add a soft cap and implement some skills (also on majors/minors) that can work with HP%.
  4. The "hitting" sound of basic attacks even when you are hitting nothing is pointless and quite annoying.
  5. - You can get CC'd while under the effect of juggernout's retaliate invulnerability. - I got CC'd and dizzy down after using also the active skill of juggernout. So basically Juggernout is not working as it should
  6. Ultimates and skills like Blood of the Giant that are related to your HP, are now working with your current HP and not with your max HP. This is makeing em useless when you are low hp. Is it intended or is it a bug?I don't remember how they were working in the past. Thx
  7. Indestructible Frenzy Not working, and this is something new because in the previous patches was working good. Now you die under the effect of Frenzy while having Indestructible frenzy node. Spirit Whip Spirit whip works on Myrmidons only on third basic attack and some time it doesn’t work at all or it works for the first two basic attacks after you draw the weapons. Colossus Smash Still hitting at 19/20m instead of 23m as it should (according to the description and previous functioning) and got nerfed by 8m without any notes. If it is intended is still not working accordingly to the description because like before it should be 20m movement plus 3m melee distance. Before was 25m movement plus 6m melee range. Whirlwind Still not cancellable, is it intended? Best regards
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