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  1. something is not working out in this explanation: 1. First of all a bit about taxes in the USA. The USA simply does not have VAT - so nothing to include, but it is what you supposed I believe, that is OK. Instead they do have common 'state sales taxes' state-wide, and more local surtaxes, which may be defined by county. There is no US state with higher than 7.5% local sales tax, or higher than 12% average tax including local taxes. Which makes the worst possible price (if not point 2) for US - 55$, exactly same cost as for EU, so definitely no one going to pay any "differences" that you mentioned. 2. I have just registered via proxy from Louisiana, which is according to https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/taxes/2018/03/27/states-highest-and-lowest-sales-taxes/452512002/ has the most avg tax in the USA, and I am able to buy pack for 49$ So apparently there are no sales taxes collected from online payments. I am not going to investigate per-state requirement to collect online retail tax, but as we can see from simple experiment - you can easily buy game for stated 49$ in US (after processing to paypal - it still shows 49.99$ in the final checkout). 4. I still can buy pack from retailer from Austria for 49$. https://store.markeedragon.com/catalog/Crowfall_Patron_Backer_Pack.html
  2. Could you please justify the pricing model for packs based on region? I have just purchased backer pack for 49€ from the profile page, while the price for US I believe is 49$ ? Just for the notice - 49$ != 49€, and I do not feel much richer than regular US citizen. Meanwhile, (I did not try, but I can imagine) you can buy the same from retailers like Markee Dragon but still in $? I understand that we talk for just 10% price difference, but still it looks kinda weird.
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