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  1. @ComradeAma Thanks for the advice. I look forward to a system that helps people catch up in the future. Hopefully it is done well.
  2. This post was made on behalf of two of guild members that just left the game for the rest of this campaign. I understand that passive skills, gear, and good tools can all help ease the pain. Our members are new 90% of us with characters 2 months old or younger. They don't have these things, either do most people in our guild, and getting them is just as easy as you guys typing what, or so you make it sound. On top of it so many people are asking what is the point when you can just export items in bulk from a place that is perpetually spring. R8 nodes give plenty goods and are so much easier to hit versus R10 nodes with the 30-40 dmg tools we normally provide in group harvesting. I asked our 2 members that quit till campaign is done to come on here and vent their on frustrations. A great many people won't even come on forums to talk for reasons of the flaming and the fact it makes you look like a newbie. At one point we were all new. Our guild has issues were the members that have high crafting / gathering skills have already quit. If they do log back on it is only to chat in voice coms and put in their passive points in. Not to try and help anyone or learn Crowfall because these are primarily gather or crafting characters that can't get what they need due to logistics issues. I won't even try to convince them to play or learn when they express how they also do not enjoy this game. I can't count how many times in General chat I have I been corrected "Crowfall is not a game" is it a Cancer simulator? People are starved of good / fun mmo's with active communities this is the reason many of us are here. Not everyone wants to join a massive giant guild to get things done. I have played mmo's since Dark Sun Online. I love them. I have always experienced major issues with guilds that I joined that got too large. Even when I was the guilder of them and we have very fair systems for getting mats and gear into everyone's hand. I think many of you know what I am talking about. Taxes, favoritism, quotas to meet to stay in guild ( that certain people are expect from), and so much more this post can't contain it. Hell I remember in DarkFall, the leader of our alliance, when he finally got caught, admitted he had made over 15k USD (over a 4 month period) by taking our taxes and donations and selling most of them on playerauction.com. This does not mention how much he sold his accounts for he used to grind with these mats. There are over 1500 players in this alliance that got burned in this one instance. For such reasons many of us do not like large guilds and never will. I just pray that on release it will be possible for guilds as small as, 20-30 with 5-15 online in active hours, to actually have fun and still be competitive. Right now the guild I am in loyal and leader bust is ass to make connections with players that can help us and negotiates cheaper bulk prices. I have no interest in ever having to finding another guild/ crowfall home because I know I am in the hands of someone with the best intentions of guild members to succeed and have fun. The problem is with the current stage of the Crowfall, with an item wipe, but not a skill wipe, this only made the game even more skewed to the guilds / players with whose passives are much more complete. Go ahead @RhapsodyDownpour try and discredit me more but you can't argue with the 50% veteran members of guilds that have pretty much stopped playing because they are waiting on passives to catch them up or waiting on the game to be fun for them. Try and keep in mind most of these people want to be majority gathers or crafters primarily. I think many of these issues steam from logistical problems. Why is not yet guild bank with permission and access rights? I understand that EK's were supposed to have such a storage situation but how is an EK supposed to always be available?
  3. Just saying Campaign in fall is Cancer right now for our new guildies. When they finishing breaking a R10 rock in fall they are getting 1 rank rock. Just hours before it was 2 almost guaranteed blues each time? What happened? Please keep in mind many of these people didn't know about tokens and we still don't know when, how, or if they regen ever. They moved over entire banks of stuff they should have kept behind I am sure. Does anyone else feel the pain of fall this badly? I don't see many of gathers out there even during summer. Seems like most people are still in God's Reach learning? Why learn today when Common Core Fall math / mechanics change tomorrow?
  4. What would happen to a campaign if everyone just joined 1 faction? like 90% on 1 side? What even keeps this from happening?
  5. That is very off statement for me as I have never played a tank in any mmorpg because I wanted to PvE only PvP. Always going into the back line for healers and mages to cause chaos in large fights. I have always had more CC than other other role by a long shot. In crowfall why do you need a tank in PvE a ranger with the right spec tanks better with life leech and does 2x the damage. Everyone has multiple CC's in this game. Range CC should not even exist unless it is only a slow for small % of movement speed for a small amount of time. Are Healers in CF really designed to be the best 1v1 characters? Healers should rely on other players to do things that the healer can't do. Reminds me of a short time in Albion when I had a super healer spec with good gear and went around in cloth armor kitting and destroying most players in duels until devs realized it was a catching fad and OP and made major adjustments.
  6. Hello everyone, I am new to Crowfall but ancient in the mmorpg world dating back to Dark Sun Online hosted by TEN in 1997. I still play a MUD that has been around longer than that. I am a mature NA player that likes to do it all in game. Craft, gather, fight, organize, recruit, train, whatever is needed. I am looking for an English speaking guild that plays daily and uses voice communication, supports each other while being friendly, and most importantly is fun focused. I don't mind leading small groups of people once I learn the ropes of Crowfall. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to guild members. So basically looking for that super tight group of people that I can hang out with for years to come in other games. I do have a level 21 Minitor Champ after just 1 day of playing solo. I know this will not be the character I play seriously and was just something I started to get things going and learn. I willing to play any race, class, with any combo of skills required to help the group. My mmo game experience: MUD's, Dark Sun Online, Ultima Online, WISH, Ragnarok, Guild Wars 1 & 2, Conan, Sword of the New World, Mount & Blade Warband CPRG, Darkfall, Planetside, Rift, Albion, Legends of Aria, and Crowfall. I would just like to add that DSO and Darkfall were the best mmo's ever made but you could include PRE 2TA UO as well. Albion had a great start but they kinda broke the game on release.
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