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  1. Thanks ! And I understand that the game still needs some love on certain aspects haha. Just thought I'd throw my idea out there and if people liked it maybe they could add it to the ''future to do list'' And as for balancing I haven't really thought of how to balance it but that could be done anytime.
  2. Hi there! I am a new player to the game and thought of a new race that might be fun to add? I was thinking of a werewolf race where you play a human during the day and once it turns night you turn into a werewolf. This might also be fun with some of the classes the game has but also it might make night raids fun. Werewolves are stronger during a full moon and such which can lead into tactical attacks with your team or you by yourself. I hope people like the idea (and the developers ofcourse) Discuss away ! :)
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