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  1. Anyone else? Is the game world down?
  2. Just posting to say I agree with nearly every point the OP made. There needs to be more to do outside of Keep timers.
  3. Redownloading the entire client when you make minor changes is driving me crazy. Redownloading every 2 days is making me angry. Fix it before you offer anymore freebies that require actually being able to log in and play. Quit being second rate!
  4. Bugs in new Dregs. Many, many bugs. 1) One random client drop to windows. 2) Unable to rez/ being sent to wrong places to rez. 3) Unable to rez in ally keep. (May have something to do with #2 happened at the same time.) 4) Unable to see guildmates/enemies when standing nearby to them. I think I actually spent more time scratching my head over different bugs than I did fighting.
  5. Fine. Your position is there is enough variety of things to do in Crowfall currently, my position is there is not. Based on what I've read or watched out there on Youtube and in early reviews and in the blog-o-sphere in general, your position is in the minority by a large margin. Gathering, Grinding and Ganking are 20+ year old gaming concepts, and not enough to sustain a game in 2020 IMHO. I am sorry I asked for them to try and make improvements on 20 year old design. I am sorry I expected some modern gaming concepts.
  6. 1. No. 2. Not much. 3. Yes. 4. They could add things to do for solo/small teams in the future. Just don't ask here in the forums for that or you will have white knights all over you exclaiming that this isn't that sort of game and if you approach it that way you are having fun wrong. Plan on being told, "Maybe this isn't the game for you." They might as well put that on the cover of the box art; Crowfall, maybe this isn't the game for you. A throne war simulator.
  7. Anyone can bang on rocks, it doesn't mean it will be fun. A shy player, in this context, is someone unfamiliar with a PvP centered game, that may need some encouragement to engage with the larger gameplay loops. A solo player is self explanatory. In this context, as the OP stated, a player who doesn't have any friends on right now. It doesn't matter why they bought it, Artcraft should be trying to keep as many players playing, and paying, as is possible. That benefits ALL players. Your sport team analogy is irrelevant. Where did this come from? Who is asking f
  8. How do you know the test objective and criteria? If they wanted the reward tied to bug reports, they would have made the reward for bug reports not log-in. A reward for logging in and playing for a period time says to me they wanted to test things under a heavier server load. Having some players AFK doesn't harm that objective.
  9. The same reason there will be different campaigns with different objectives. Variety. Something for different players to enjoy. One player that has no interest in crafting, harvesting or running pigs might be tempted by treasure hunting. Like it or not, there needs to be multiple ways to get more shy players into the gameplay loop, or it will soon after launch be a dead game. ALL MMO's add things as the game goes along, pretending that what Crowfall already has is enough, isn't constructive.
  10. Okay, solo play is a little lackluster. It's not really a solo play game. There could be more to do on guild downtime though. Suggestion: Since they already give out gear from warbands, and random loot from chests, treasure hunting seems like a no-brainer. Make some treasure maps drop, put a passive skill behind it, and watch the fun happen. Nothing gets a shy player out in the world like the promise of some sweet booty and even if most maps lead to junk, the extremely slim possibility of something really good dropping WILL have people out treasure hunting. Make that treasure chest t
  11. Thatsa what I hada thoughtsida. ArtCraft had to shut down Dergs to get the developers to quit playing and go back to developing. You heard it here first folks! 🤣😂🤣🤣😇
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