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  1. My only issue with crowfall is the cheesy playable characters you get to choose with a mobile game customization concept of being able to choose from a whole four different styles. If they only made one race that didn't looked more evil and not like they just walked out of Disney world you guys would have so much of a larger cult following. I mean use your imagination you guys tried a little bit besides picking the basic fantasy races make your own race or fuse one of these suggestions make an Imp race that's small with horns make a snake race make a dragon race make a demon undead goblin harpy spider race something other than your rated G characters. Stop allowing a few devs make all the choices and listen to the costumers who support this game or this will be another Rend all hype but few weeks upon Official release it's as dead as your beta. Please do not comment with one of the characters are already an evil race because they are lame af. I'm currently in college for programing and you guys motive me to finish school and work on my own title and show you guys how to make a multi billion dollar game and make this title a forgotten tale of the past yea your devs might know how to do program and make decent graphic art but they lack originality and creativity.
  2. Well hopefully you guys change your minds on adding more sinister races other than "Half Elves" LMFAO you would open a door to a much larger fan base.
  3. Could you guys make a evil race like a demonic being or a goblin race very few games have playable goblins or maybe a fusion of both a demonic imp but there should at least be one evil race the playable races are way to friendly.
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