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  1. Guild invite sent. Sorry about the delay. crowfall.com--> account profile--> Guild Invites
  2. Giving it a boost, We're still looking for members to get ready for the big day on July 6!
  3. Sent you both am invite; Crowfall.com--> account profile--> guild invites
  4. Invite has been sent Tim, Crowfall.com--> account profile--> guild invites
  5. @jtoddcoleman You asked about siege timing idea's... I believe to make this more effective would be to have a system to "hold" zones a little different. Make each zone bigger. 3-5 forts in each zone, 1 keep/"Mini-Keeps". 4-24h timers on each fort, 1 guild/faction/pantheon to own the majority of forts in an area triggers an 1 or 2 hour window until siege begins on the keep itself. Each time a fort is retaken by the controlling guild add 4h to the timer, up to 24h max hold time. You could also get deeper into it be doing the same with the outpost to forts in a similar manner with the timers going from 30m-4h per outpost timer and 3-5 outpost to the fort. Once Castles/City's are in place, in these "State Zones" have 5-9 forts and as needed outpost. At the start of the campaign have each zone timers set for a specific time zone's and then let the chips land as players interact with it and change the targets timers to suit they're needs, or just be a thorn in the side of that defender. This way activity can be more predictive and at the same time player activated based off most active times. This also would promote alliances between guilds from different time zones, that many hope will be in further updates, or guilds with multilabel time zones in them.
  6. The issue with passive vs. active is time. In 1-2 hours I have a fighter ready to go, awesome. Then there's Harvester's and Crafter's that have to sit and wait to be relevant in anyway. If there is to be passive learning there needs to be classes for each profession. Also doing things in this way can future prof the game. They can add a new profession and a set of classes to go with it in future expansions. Just keep doing it the same way, race/class combo's, highly doubt you'll ever see a half-giant or a minotaur jewel smith with they're fat fingers, LoL. As far as Harvesters go I feel they are over shadowed by the other 2 professions and having this will give them the distinction they need. Lets take Harvesters for the example, because that is the easier path to give one in. Have 2 classes, "Excavationist" with Ore, Stone, and Grave promotions, and a "Reaper" with Logging, Animal, and Farming promotions. A VERY simple Crafters class, "Theorist" with promotions in Assembly, Exanimation, and Production OR "Specialist" Metal Working (Jewel, Weapon, and Armor smith) Carving (Wood, stone, and leather), Mystic (Alchemist, Necromancy, and Rune crafting). Give me about 2h for each class and I could easily have the trees set up with skills and buffs that are NOT over powered and will make sense as well. Not trying to argue, but reworking passives is not going to fix this issue, new active mechanics will and new classes would be the easiest and most effective way. @jtoddcoleman PLEASE feel free to take this and run with it. I get it, balanced combat IS priority, but the other professions need that equal balancing as well. All in all though things are coming along very nicely and I'm looking forward to the beta realise to got kick some ass! LoL
  7. Professions are suppose to enhance skills in the game. Combat is the main focus of the game right now, so no one ever complains really about that profession. To make harvester's and crafters relevant off the hop, there needs to be classes for those professions as well. That will balance the game and make all 3 professions are of equal importance. I liked 5.10 line up of skills better, it made more sense and flowed better then in 5.11 IMO. They tried to rebalance/remake something that was not broken, the issue is having characters that are just as relevant in the game world regardless of the profession trained in. As is all classes are combat classes, not including disciplines here because they are augmentations not class skills. Combat based classes are getting upgrades on top of upgrades, where as a Harvester/Crafter has to WAIT at least a month+ (didn't do the math, but basic Harvesting or Crafting trees at 100% is ALMOST the same amount of skills a Lv 30 combatant has.) Personally this is where I feel the issue lies for crafters and harvesters, they need they're own specialized classes, but if they do this it will not be until after the game is fully launched.
  8. I think the question is straight forward. I'm thinking of upgrading the guild bundle to the Premium Pack from the basic Reserve Guild Name. Of course I'd like to be able to change the guild Crest and on screen Tag, as well as getting the guild hall bonus. I looked back in the forums and didn't find anything like this asked other then upgrading backer packs, so if this has already been answered, sorry about that.
  9. Photoshopped! Staff why you messing with this dude? Jk's, Jk's LoL
  10. Only get the 1000 Crowns from each backer in your guild. I personally bought the Adventures pack and then many of the basic bundle for family and friends (7). So I think the game is worth the money, what pack you get is your own biz pending how much you think you'll be playing.
  11. As things are in the current state EK's are not stable enough and cost real world money to keep running 24/7. I truly believe that by the end of Beta testing this will be all put into place and GR player venders will be a thing of the past. It'll all be handled through EK's and in campaign temples/forts&keeps/ guild garrisons. My thought's anyways
  12. The game is still in an Alpha state. Once Beta is open the player base will flood from the current 135k accounts to nearly 500k by the end of beta testing.
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