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  1. This I know. Was just curious if I was aloud to make posters and pin ups.
  2. I see theres a press kit I can down load, but am I allowed to advertise the Crowfall game along side my guild locally? I just do not want to be stepping on toes. @Pann
  3. Should be strictly player made and only players skulls should be used for them.
  4. We'll see what they settle on in the end. I believe that its just a matter of fine tuning. Combat is the main focus, as it should be for the core of the game depends on it, but still would be nice to see, soon-ish.
  5. I knew you didn't mean this, just mentioning that type of speed up would be a disaster. I think I get more what you mean though. Like the older Elder Scroll games, the more you use a particular skill tree/branch this would add a higher rate to THAT passive tree or there in part of, ie Ore specialization would get a boost while you collect iron ore, but would stop if you flipped to gathering Marble and not changing the passive tree. If this was your thought, then I could get on bored with that, 100% make sense.
  6. While I 100% understand where your coming from, I personally don't see the need to rush end game content onto new players because they got into the game years after lunch, (Until then we are all paper dolls anyhow ). I know most other company's allow this "Speed up" but at a cost, and that in a heavy PvP game would cause a huge up roar for a "pay to win" looking scenario. You know someone will end up seeing it that way. As a fledgling crow you will need guild support until you catch up an learn the all the different systems and lairs to the game while your passives tick away in the back ground. The trick here is the over all timing between the two, finding the balance of the player learning and the crow becoming wiser and more talented. Now this combined with joining with others makes the over all concept far more immersive and the feeling of true accomplishment in ones own ability's, and that of helping your guild as a whole is far more satisfying. Now vessels are a whole other deal. They're deposable, nothing more then the items you wage war with, you'll get a better one made. So the part of active progression with a vessel I feel will be an on going loop for a very long time. As of right now that's 6x through as that is how many slots there is currently available to most. Now getting those all to a Legendary Lv 30 with the "best" additives and built by the best crafters and Necromancer's would take a very long time. I'm sure once lunched getting more vessel slots may be as simple as buying one from the store, mayhap from some reward in game, who knows. So again its a personal thing, but rushing power onto a player ends poorly, they get bored quickly and move on for there is no challenge left in the game. I speak from personal experience on that as well, the Game Genie from back in the day wreck a lot of games for me, but then I learned how to make them harder, it was the challenge I was after, and that for one is why I bought into Crowfall, for the challenge!
  7. The one thing that I do not like is exploration disc are forced, those should be an option, that's 2 points I could spend on something that will make a different's in combat, but again I also think Gathers and Crafters should have they're own specialized classes just like combatants do.
  8. Agree to a point with the first one, but maybe not as harsh. White vessel's only maybe? Mind you, GR is meant as a hub for all to meet and do personal trades. Disagree. Maybe I'm being harsh, but I personally think that passives are a reward system for those who got in early, from launch. They've put they're time in and are such rewarded with being bad @$$ in they're chosen path(s). Have not played the assassin yet, so I don't know, but this sounds reasonable. Minotaur's and Elken have hooves, so it only makes sense that they should be able to ware horseshoes.
  9. I'm sure they will give a great pass over this when the time is right. I totally agree with what your saying. Another thing to add would be building styles. Go from Mayan's to Egyptian pyramids and temples, Roman arena's and amphitheater to European styles castles and city's. Then there's ancient Pakistan and of course Japanese styles. Personally I liked allowing community generated ad-on's from back in the original NWN day's. Some great stuff, ( and horrible LoL ) can really come out of that. EK's would be a great place to test these ad-on's.
  10. I don't think you fully understand what I'm meant there. Known time and place gets old fast IMO, and it's to easy to just sit and wait. I think it would be more dynamic if they're was wondering bosses with mob's. Now the spawn locations being random as well as the path finding leading to out post to out post, as an example, or other locations on the map. I think this would promote flights and at a more random occurrence. It would also make gathers go out with body guards more often. You never know when a roaming gang might come along, PvP or PvE, and for those looking for the fight will end up running into other gangs and having random PvP fight rather then knowing the lay of the land for the one spawn point.
  11. Personally I think a random boss spawns in a random spot on the map. Then boss and personal guard's start marching to random points. Also consider triggers. Clear entire camp before first respwan and camp hero steps out.
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