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    Azerlin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in Status on 6.400 Release Wipe   
    Hello fellow Crows!
    We want to confirm that with the release of game update 6.400 on LIVE, we will need to do a full wipe, including characters, items and Eternal Kingdoms (all purchases will be reset so they can be re-imported).  
    We try to avoid wipes whenever possible and we always evaluate all available options to avoid having to remove player progress.  We value your support and testing feedback, and we know that having your Beta gameplay progress wiped is frustrating. 
    For the upcoming 6.400 release, both the new attribute system and vessel changes require significant underlying data changes, along with server performance changes, and are driving the need for us to wipe both characters and items. 
    The decision to wipe characters isn’t something we make lightly.  We evaluated what it would take to transmute the existing data to the new formats, and it is prohibitive in both development and QA time (it would add multiple weeks of delay). 
    Our priority is delivering a great game at the quality you expect, and launching it as soon as possible with the final game data wipe coming at launch.   
    Your support is critical to Crowfall’s success, we appreciate your patience and understanding.  As we continue to advance the game, your input and feedback are helping us to move the game closer to launch and that is the priority for all of us! 
    Thank you!
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    Azerlin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in The Convergence (Game Update 6.300 LIVE) 12/21/2020   
    Crowfall The Convergence 
    Beta Build 6.300.0
    If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.
    To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 6.300 LIVE Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
    To report feedback, please go here: 6.300 LIVE Feedback
    Interacting with the Tree of Life pedestal in the temples will now display Refreshing! in the combat log for the heal and food restore. Powers
    Champion: Massive Cleave now displays it's combo when hovered over in the talent tree node. Duelist: Vanish and Dynamite now display the area size on their description tooltip. Duelist: Sweet Victory description has been updated to state it can only happen once per second. Templar: Circle Of Life tooltip now indicates range, area size and max targets. Templar: Resurrection tooltip now indicates range and area size. Templar: Added cooldown to the Brilliance tooltip All Retaliate ability descriptions now indicate they remove crowd control effects. Disciplines
    Major Discipline Naiad: Grasping Roots tooltip now indicates range, area size and max targets. Major Discipline Scarecrow: Updated the frostbite tooltip Major Discipline Scarecrow: Aura of Terror tooltip now indicates area size and max targets. Major Discipline Scarecrow: Aura of Terror tooltip now indicates how much damage Frostbite debuff will deal. Major Discipline Force Wave: Force Wave tooltip now indicates cooldown, area size and max targets. Major Discipline Standard Bearer:  Banner of Storms tooltip now indicates area size. Major Discipline Standard Bearer: Rallying Banner tooltip now indicates area size and max targets. Major Discipline Rune Caster: Rune Caster Sanctuary now lists the radius affected in the description tooltip. Major Discipline Rune Caster: Rune Shield description now indicates its buff duration. Major Discipline Plague Lord: Decay description has been updated to only state the Frostbite DoT it applies and the knockdown if the enemy is exposed and attacking. Major Discipline Mudman: Muck Spatter description now indicates its buff duration. Major Discipline Mudman: Jelly Skin description now indicates its buff duration. Major Discipline Mole Hunter: Heads Up description now indicates its buff duration. Major Discipline Banshee: Ghost Army description now indicates its buff duration. Major Discipline Arcane Archer: Arcane barrier now lists the duration of the barrier in the description. Major Discipline Shield Fighter: Brutal Slam description now includes the duration of the armor break. Major Discipline Pack Leader: Form Life orbs are now visible to friendly faction allies instead of just the group. Minor Discipline Stay in the Fight: Stay in the Fight is no longer available for Rangers.
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    Azerlin reacted to ACE-Tiggs in Convergence (6.300) Drives Crowfall’s Throne War to new   
    Crowfall, released its latest game update today, Convergence. This update transitions the formerly passive skills system into a convergence point for action. The new system empowers players by introducing more customization, deeper engagement, and active talent and attribute advancement as you play. “Crowfall has always been a game about player autonomy.  Players drive the economy.  Players define the political landscape.  The fate of this open-world universe rests solely in the hands of our players. Our goal, as designers, is to get people into the action.  We want to remove the timegates so common to traditional MMOs -- whether those gates require a ‘grind’, or simply the passage of time”, said J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director of Crowfall.  Read more...
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    Azerlin reacted to yianni in New Version of 6.100 Update Now on TEST   
    so this wipe will happen on live? or just on test after the copy?
    and can you elaborate on resources?
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    Azerlin reacted to Food2000 in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    *no longer looking*
    My friend and i are looking for a guild.
    Guild criteria:
    Region: US Pacific time zone Atmosphere:   friendly, mature Casual/Hardcore?: Casual for now, we're exploring the game. Size: Any for now, we're not sure what we want. Play-Style: I enjoy all the different roles and my friend mostly likes crafting. Commitment: 2 hours/ day Miscellaneous:   we're both 35 and have been friends since high school, however... learning everyday about Crowfall. Experience: 
    I've played shadowbane (kikochu - SDGoonz) i believe "deception" server? I forget it's been so long however that's why i'm back which is SB... is still the best MMO i have ever played. So i've been keeping an eye on CF and now hoping to get back into it.
    I did lead SDGoonz back in the day and understand communication, teamwork and positive mindset.
    Voice-Chat services:
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    Azerlin reacted to Substance in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Region: US West
    Atmosphere: Organized
    Casual/Hardcore: I'm competitive whenever I play whatever I play. 
    Size: I'm open to whatever size, I just want some consistency in the players involved.
    Play-Style: All I know for now is that I have a large preference towards casters, and in particular I saw that the necromancy tree is up in the crafting section so that's where I'll be. 
    Commitment: I control my own schedule, so it really depends on how interesting the game is for how much time I'll be willing to invest.
    Experience: I've played and beta-tested WoW, Warhammer Age of Reckoning, and Star Wars The Old Republic. Additionally I've dabbled around in a variety of others like Eve online and the like. Currently I'm burning some time away in Classic WoW but I don't see myself continuing to play after the end of Naxx. 

    I'm totally new to this, and haven't looked deeply into the systems but based on everything I've read so far guild interaction is incredibly important. Having some help getting started and being able to find a niche I can fit into would be appreciated.
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    Azerlin reacted to PurpleSilence in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Looking for a guild to enjoy what my Beta invitation has to offer. 
    Guild criteria:
    Region: US Eastern Time, Game consistently in the evenings Atmosphere: Relaxed and active player base. Mature. Anything Really.  Size: No preference  Play-Style: Damage/healing Commitment: Just the current Beta  Experience: 
    Lots of MMOs, 10+ years on and off. Voice-Chat services:
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    Azerlin reacted to Kitanos in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Found one, thanks everyone!
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    Azerlin reacted to BlackBlood in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Guild criteria:
    Region: US East Coast Atmosphere:  Active, Competitive, Mature Casual/Hardcore?:  Idk how to play mmo's casually unfortunately Play-Style: Diverse. Dual accounts for combat/crafting Commitment: Whatever the guild puts in you will get 200% back from me. Experience: 
    Testing CF since early 2018
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    Azerlin reacted to Buck1mn in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Region:  North America (Central) Atmosphere: laid back  Casual/Hardcore:  casual or hardcore are both good Play Style:  melee or ranged Commitment:   few days a week 2-3 Miscellaneous:  im old as dirt over 50.lol Experience: played wow for 12 years, played starwars galaxies from inception until shutdown.  Have played multiple other games
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    Azerlin reacted to Randall_Danger in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Guild criteria:
    Region: US Central time Atmosphere: Mature, friendly, extremely hard to offend with politically incorrect chatter Casual/Hardcore?: Casual for now. I don't know how much I'm going to like the game Size: Big enough that I don't have to solo Play-Style: DPS. Most interested in DPS Druid or Duelist Commitment: Plenty of time until 8/23. A few hours after 5pm central weeknights after that. More on weekends. Miscellaneous: I'm a total noob to Crowfall and need someone to teach me what it's all about Experience: 
    Been playing MMOs since the EQ Kunark era. I played EQ and P99 for years. Spent about 6 months in Shadowbane and DAOC back in the day. Have dipped my toes in plenty of other MMOs but nothing grabbed me the way the others I listed did. Haven't played MMOs seriously in about 6 years. I led the 11th Hour guild in Shadowbane but have been a solo guy throughout most of my MMO career. Voice-Chat services:
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    Azerlin reacted to bloodwolf2685 in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Looking for a guild but mostly looking for fun.
    Region: US Central time
    Atmosphere: I'm getting up there in age lol. I can be mature but who the hell wants to act their age?
    Casual/Hardcore: I will be a hardcore player until my SO complains about me spending to much time on Crowfall
    Size: Preferably medium to large. 
    Play-Style: Crafting. I like participating in pvp and would love to go on sieges but I am a crafter/harvester at heart 
    Commitment: Most of my availability will be between 6am and 3pm cst.  I plan on playing as much as I can but don't tell my employer
    Experience: Lot's, I am old remember?  
    2015 -2017 - Albion Online:
    Guild Lead Crafter Officer and Crafting Coordinator for Wild West formally known as The Corporation: I decided who did what and who got what. AO was a crafting heavy game and it was a lot of fun but a lot of custard work.
    2012 - Current - PlanteSide 2
    No guild affiliation 
    2012 - 2013 - Fallen Earth
    No guild affiliation
    2012 - 2013 - Darkfall
    Peasant in Hyperion 
    2004 - 2006 - World of Warcraft
    No guild affiliation
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    Azerlin reacted to Idris_Saieb in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Region:  USA (CST) Atmosphere:  Mature players 18+ Casual/Hardcore:  Casual for now, because I really don't know the difference in this game.   Size: Medium to Large Play Style: I love crafting and support classes.  I would gladly work within a guild as a crafter.  Commitment:  If I find a good guild, I will play quite often Miscellaneous:  I am brand new to Crowfall.   Experience:
    Eve Online World of Warcraft (From Beta till about 2012 non stop) Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Star Wars: The Old Republic Black Desert Online Planetside/Planetside 2 Everquest  Ultima Online Voice-Chat services:
    Whatever is needed
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    Azerlin reacted to SirPROLAPSER in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Looking for a guild as campaign is very team-dependent.
    Guild criteria:
    Region: US Central Time Atmosphere: Relaxed, 18+, and active player base preferred.  Casual/Hardcore?: Casual. Size: Prefer mid to large size to aid in ease of group building. Play-Style: Generally DPS but have experience playing others. Commitment: Just looking to put a few hours in after work and more time on the weekends. Experience: 
    I have been playing various MMO's since UO. Voice-Chat services:
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    Azerlin reacted to LlFE in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    LFG - Player Information
    Region: Currently located in Vienna, Austria, but I'm from California and have no real preference on guild time zone. Playstyle / Role: I've been playing ranged (Ranger & Duelist). but I'm a healer by nature. Just no one to heal currently. Casual or Hardcore?: Difficult to tell at the moment; I'm very new to the game. Availability: Playing most evenings and weekends currently. Experience: A myriad of MMO's and frequently involved in the competitive scene. Guild Preferences: Looking for a group to join up with (large or small) and run coop content frequently. Large scale pvp looks entertaining. Albeit, riddled with technical issues. Personal Note: I'm an older professional in the tech industry. Chill guy and not a sperg.
    EDIT - I'm currently on the Moon Faction in Enuelyn. That would be ideal unless there's a way to swap.
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    Azerlin reacted to jaspi in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    CF seems interesting, the group of people that I currently game with doesn't have enough interest in testing at this stage.
    I've made a couple toons and lvled to 30, figured out the basics of harvesting/crafting, but obviously most of the real gameplay is locked behind grp content.
    Guild criteria:
    Region: US Pacific Time, but game at odd and inconsistent hours Atmosphere: Relaxed and active player base. Mature and non-toxic. Casual/Hardcore?: Is there such a  thing as a min-maxing casual? Hard-core implies too much of a time commitment fora  game this early. Size: Mid to large, non-zerg (not sure if zerg guilds are a thing in CF) Play-Style: Healing/crafting Commitment: As much as is fun?  Experience: 
    Lots of MMOs, 10+ years on and off. Voice-Chat services:
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    Azerlin reacted to CrimePony in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    30 Maurader, Sun faction, looking for guild. I'll make whatever class needed.
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    Azerlin reacted to Faenex in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    NA CST Player LFGuild - HC PvX player up for anything! HMU!

    Region: NA - CST Atmosphere: PvX Elitist cookiecutter guild Casual / Hardcore: Hardcore Size: Any Play-Style: Really just depends on the group im running with.  Commitment: For the boys Experience: 
    WoW 2.5k 2v2 / 2.2k 3v3
    Voice-Chat services:
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    Azerlin reacted to Gard in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    NA CST looking for a guild.
    Looking for a casual (as in laid back) guild with experienced players (Crowfall experience) willing to show me the ropes.  Crowfall's pvp intrigues me.
    Size of a guild doesn't matter that much to me but I'm looking for a tight bunch of folks that play regularly.
    I'll be playing a few nights a week. Maybe an odd hour or two now and then during the day, too - I work from home.
    Not shy about jumping into Discord.
    I like to do a little bit of everything - crafting and pvp.
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    Azerlin reacted to Zenzuken in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Guild Criteria:
    Region:  US East Atmosphere: Just looking for people to enjoy the game with Casual/Hardcore: Casual Size: Doesn’t matter Play Style:  I prefer smaller skirmishes with 2-10 people fighting over giant zergs, but will zerg when needed. Classes may vary, I play anything from a tank, to a healer, or even stealth classes. I really like gathering and working on crafting. Since Beta I been playing a Slayer Duelist. Commitment: Can't play every night but I can plan around a schedule. Willing to contribute resources and craft whatever is needed. Don't mind being flexible with my class/crafting choice. Miscellaneous: I have a few friends who will likely want to join any guild I am in so we can play together.  Experience:
    Years of World of Warcraft (did a good amount of PvP) I have played a large number of other MMOs over the years, including SW:TOR, Aion, Rift, and TERA League of Legends I have found a Guild to join, thanks for all the offers
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    Azerlin reacted to Thumpasaurus in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Five people looking for an active guild that is well organized.
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    Azerlin reacted to BlackBlood in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Guild criteria:
    Region: US East Coast Atmosphere:  competitive and goal-oriented with a solid reputation Casual/Hardcore?:  Idk how to play mmo's casually unfortunately Play-Style: Ranged/support. Can scout and target call Commitment: will make it to most events 🙂 Experience: 
    Several skirmishes with some of the top guilds (UDL, HoA, Winterblades) back in early 2018. I have a few videos uploaded from my ranger POV search BlackBlood Crowfall on YT.
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    Azerlin reacted to sursniper in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Guild criteria:
    Region: EU Atmosphere: Serious and mature ambiance is appreciated although there is also time for memes and guinecean-pinata-bashing Casual/Hardcore?: Mid to Hardcore Size: Prefering medium sized although I can do with a small group of dedicated people or be part of a smaller squad/group in a bigger guild. Play-Style: I currently enjoy the melee CC classes. I didn't experience much yet. Commitment: I can easily give from a few hours to 6 hours daily depending on the guild needs, more on weekends. Miscellaneous: I'm interested in having fun most of all by getting into exciting fights and wars.
    I'm a min-maxer and I enjoy reading all technical details and learn all game mechanics subtelties.
    I'm not really interested in the crafting system, just to get intermediate stuff. Experience: 
    I play "known" MMOs since Asheron's call 2 and my best experience was in WoW Vanilla (40 man raiding) and then Rift at its beginnings (low level pvp was amazing).
    I went through a lot of the popular ones and I still play Warhammer Online from time to time. RTS games player (Supcom, AoE3, CoH1/2, Dawn of war franchise) and MOBA games player (Dota, Heroes of Newerth) Voice-Chat services:
    Discord or anything that is not a burden to use
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    Azerlin reacted to Bashar in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Status: Guild pending.  Thanks to all the guilds that offered an invitation!
    Guild Criteria:
    Region: I'm available to both EU and NA guilds but I typically roll in 3PM British time and am offline by 7PM Pacific time. Size: Mid sized Crowfall-exclusive guild.  I'm not interested in a mega guild. Casual/Hardcore: Mid-core?  I play seriously but I play for fun and am more interested in team building than high score. Play-Style: Support healer (Paladin).  Harvesting.  Trade. Commitment: I routinely cycle through games so I'm usually a few weeks on, a few months off, repeat. Miscellaneous: I'm interested in playing primarily in Infected campaigns.  I'm not against playing on Dregs but it's not my priority.  I'm open to RP guilds but, again, it's not my priority.  I will not wear a helmet; nobody touches the hair! Experience: 
    Guild Wars 2: WvW The Secret World: Fusang & Eldorado Crowfall: Alpha Voice-Chat services:
    TS3 or Discord
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    Azerlin reacted to Fizzee in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Guild criteria:
    Region: EU Atmosphere:  Good banter and people not taking themselves too seriously, but ability to focus when a fight starts. Ideally a LGBTQ+ friendly community, as I consider myself an ally and don't like "gamer" words at all! Casual / Hardcore: A mix. Casual in requirements as I can't commit to specific hours due to family life, but where people do their homework and try to be the best they can. Size: Big! I come from GW2 WvW and Blob fights (50v50v50) is my bread and butter! I don't enjoy roaming solo. Play-Style: Aggressive! I'm currently playing Confessor as my GW2 main is staff ele, but I do like support/healing too, as long as it's aggressive! Commitment: I usually end up playing more than I say I'm going to, usually 7:30-23:00 most nights (UK time). Experience: 
    My Main EXP is GW2 which I have 6k hours of which a vast majority are in WvW on Elementalist. I have played a large number of other MMOs over the years, including WoW, SW:TOR, Aion, Rift, Archeage, TERA & Wildstar. I'm old (in my 30's) and I've been gaming since the mid-late 90's starting with Star Wars: Dark Forces and other Lucasarts games! Voice-Chat services:
    Yes. Prefer Discord, but TS is better for organised fight due to latency.
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