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    Azerlin reacted to CAVITY in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Long time gamer. Turning 40 next week 
    My streaming page https://www.twitch.tv/cavity_ttv
    About me , well I'm off from work for 6months and I've done almost all hard modes on any MMO out there. Was part of Shadow Remains for many years who did server firsts on everything.  I can pretty much handle anything other than real legit toxicity towards other gamers.  casual swearing or racism doesn't bother me as im also a veteran and honestly most of our friendships are ragging on each other 
    At this point in my life i dont care about loot anymore. I've had legendary firsts on servers and experienced all that. Im more interested with meeting a group of people i cant wait to talk too when i wake up.  
    If you truly want me , contact me on discord Cavity#1823
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    Azerlin reacted to Valien in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Found one! You all rock!
    Hi all -
    Casual gamer that swings to different games at different times. Looking for a guild to play some pvp. Have never done it in Crowfall before. Only dabbled with God's Reach over last 2 years of owning the Alpha. Tend to play weeknights 0930 EST onward.
    MMO experience - EVE, WoW Classic, ESO, Puzzle Pirates (aw yeah!)

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    Azerlin reacted to aeternitas13 in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Looking for guild, preferably one that is LGBT friendly, supports light RP, and still maintains a competitive PVP spirit. I primarily play PST times, and have extensive experience in PVP MMOs from Shadowbane, up through Archeage and BDO.
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    Azerlin got a reaction from Vladthelad in Fix Passive Training NOW - Consider This Proposal   
    Professions are suppose to enhance skills in the game. Combat is the main focus of the game right now, so no one ever complains really about that profession. To make harvester's and crafters relevant off the hop, there needs to be classes for those professions as well. That will balance the game and make all 3 professions are of equal importance. I liked 5.10 line up of skills better, it made more sense and flowed better then in 5.11 IMO. They tried to rebalance/remake something that was not broken, the issue is having characters that are just as relevant in the game world regardless of the profession trained in. As is all classes are combat classes, not including disciplines here because they are augmentations not class skills. Combat based classes are getting upgrades on top of upgrades, where as a Harvester/Crafter has to WAIT at least a month+ (didn't do the math, but basic Harvesting or Crafting trees at 100% is ALMOST the same amount of skills a Lv 30 combatant has.) Personally this is where I feel the issue lies for crafters and harvesters, they need they're own specialized classes, but if they do this it will not be until after the game is fully launched.
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    Azerlin reacted to Vladthelad in Fix Passive Training NOW - Consider This Proposal   
    I only skimmed what you had to say but I couldn't agree more that the passive system needs re-working, they emphasise the importance of crafters but where's the individuality/identity for them what makes them different from anyone else. 
    Whilst I do like the system that is in place I do think it needs improving. The passive system has its pros and cons whilst it might make crafters feel less important in my opinion. The power curve of the passive training for combat being quite low allows anyone to engage in pvp including crafters, gatherers etc. which I would assume is their reason for having such a system in place which in my mind is a good system to have if done right.
    Some sort of "Active training" for the passive trees is definitely a step in the right direction, I hope they look into this but for what its worth I do trust their vision of the game and I'm sure they will make the right decisions. If I'm wrong about anything I've said above don't hesitate to let me know.
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    Azerlin reacted to marrstu in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Hello, have early access, and want to kill some quarantine time with some testing, hopefully get to meet and play with others.
    I'am not a hard core gamer at least not for almost 15 years. SWG was my MMO, after that EVE but nothing else has come close, dabbled with manny. Right now I can offer a lot of time but that cant be expected in the future. If I like this game though I would log in a few times a week.
    Looking for a active big to large guild, preferably mature but not stuck up group of players to have a laugh with and help me out since I aint the best gamer, I my self am in my 30s although never really want to grow up. 
    I like playing support class so been eyeing out druid, have crafted and may craft if the system interests me. 

    I forgot to add timezone, EST early evening play hours. 
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    Azerlin reacted to Vladthelad in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Hi, I'm looking for an average sized active guild to take me on whilst the campaigns are active. To give you an idea of my experience with Crowfall I backed in 2016 and played during the hunger dome phase with Caldera, it was great fun even though I was only around for a short period of time. The members of Caldera were very helpful and are a great bunch of people, however after the hunger dome phase I wasn't active on the game or with the guild until now, that's over four years. 
    Rightly so I was removed from the guild, they let me know and told me the reasons why,  to be honest I didn't have much interest in playing the game until it was at a later phase of testing anyway. My username has also since changed for those from Caldera who might be wondering who the hell this guy is.
    I'm fairly casual and I won't be active all of the time, My main focus is PvP but i'd like to get to know the crafting system too. That's what you can expect from me, so I can't stress enough that I'm not interested in being a hardcore player. I'm open to the use of discord but I'd like to get to know some of you first.
     In terms of what I'm looking for in a guild, I'm just looking for an active medium sized laid back bunch of people that don't mind me sometimes being inactive, or insist on the use of discord until I get to know some of you. just like everyone else I have a job and other responsibilities, my lifestyle and health comes first. As I'm sure most of you would agree. And to sum it up the following criteria from a guild:
    Region: EU Language: English Playstyle: Casual, laid back but fairly active. I am ready to play, Thanks for reading.
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    Azerlin reacted to Jah in Guild Packages: How to Upgrade?   
    I don't know of any way to upgrade your guild bundle. You can try emailing support, maybe they can help.
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    Azerlin reacted to Ble in about streaming CF   
    Especially stream CF inside of PvP zones please.
  10. Haha
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    Azerlin got a reaction from Aedius in Internal Ranking System   
    I don't know if there is something in the works or on the table already, but will there be an option to make members of a guild have different ranks other then the current state of Guild Leader and Officer?
    Would like to make my own titles and privilege's associated with each rank.
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    Azerlin got a reaction from Omne in Internal Ranking System   
    I don't know if there is something in the works or on the table already, but will there be an option to make members of a guild have different ranks other then the current state of Guild Leader and Officer?
    Would like to make my own titles and privilege's associated with each rank.
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    Azerlin got a reaction from Aester in Update on 5.110 Test   
    You dev's keep trucking away and do you thing. I'm still looking for more body's to get into the guild before beta is opened.   
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    Azerlin got a reaction from Pann in confused   
    Only get the 1000 Crowns from each backer in your guild.
    I personally bought the Adventures pack and then many of the basic bundle for family and friends (7). So I think the game is worth the money, what pack you get is your own biz pending how much you think you'll be playing.
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    Azerlin reacted to Storm_steel in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Update: I have joined with a guild. Thank you to all who invited me to join.
    New player here. Just started playing April 9th, 2020. My goal is to be a great blacksmith. Haven't totally decided on weaponsmithing or armorsmithing. I'm willing to let you influence me on that. I currently run a Stoneborn Champion for my blacksmith, and a Half-Elf Assassin for my gatherer. Though if I learn of something better for the tasks I will gladly level up a new character to be better. not a big deal.
    Guild criteria:
    Region:  West coast USA Atmosphere:  I believe you can have fun in a game and still take it seriously. I want to know my guild values both Casual/Hardcore?:  I call myself casual, but in the end I find myself more hardcore than intended. I take guild responsibilities seriously, but I do have a demanding job as well. Size: size doesn't matter. Hasn't that been established 😛 Play-Style:  I love the gathering and crafting system in this game. I'm so ready to contribute gear and resources for my frontline friends. not opposed to jumping into the fray myself. Commitment:    I am ready to commit time and energy as needed, but I reserve the right to set my limit to make sure i have a healthy game/life balance. I will always give what I can though. Miscellaneous:   I'm always a believer in the underdog, so new guilds don't be scared. Whoever you are, I will invest my time and energy in you. I just want to feel that you are ready to invest back into me as the situations deem fit. Experience: 
    WoW Paladin healer. Mythic progression raider back in Legion. Runescape, duh D&D player and dungeon master extraordinare Play and Stream Dauntless
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    Azerlin got a reaction from mythx in Update on 5.110 Test   
    You dev's keep trucking away and do you thing. I'm still looking for more body's to get into the guild before beta is opened.   
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    Azerlin reacted to Dieec23 in Just joined.   
    D Answer 1 - Skill > Gear > Passives > Vessel* >build 
    That is the best answer to what i would say your question is your build DOES matter but at the end of the day you can overcome "bad" builds or just swap them out by reroll or new disciplines. Additionally, 1-30 on most vessels is very fast so testing out builds that feel good for your playstyle is much more important than what is "meta". Obviously if you don't like playing the char you won't play it as well as one you do like. The way the game is designed there is no must be this for any class there are some less than idea combos atm but that will shift or go away with 5.110
    D Answer 2 - ATM the only thing you can do solo is level, gather most nodes (not motherloads), and craft. ACE says often "go out alone die alone" , While this is not absolute especially with some of the changes in 5.11 coming ideally you need to be with a guild/group for the heart of the game (PVP). Grouping is also a way to handle most of the top end pve and gathering.
    D Answer 3 - yes ....BUT the economy will mostly be player driven so you will have the good with the bad when it comes with that. But essentially you will have access to anything and everything you need given some coordination and what you are lacking can be traded or bought most often.
    D Answer 4- Vessel is a hard concept to understand and i think the answer above was good as well..  but a great example of a vessel is the show Altered Carbon. The account (you) are a spirit in the shape of a crow. The meat suit you wear has differant abilities ect. When you start the game you start with a common suit that looks like and has the abilities of your race/class. HOWEVER through in game crafting you can upgrade and make a new suit that you must level and will have better attributes. Without getting into the details of necromancy (the crafting skill for vessels)  these vessels are tailored to you and what you want with a little RNG based on the crafter's skill. When you start thinking of your vessel as another peice of equipment 
    D Answer 5 - every major build and yes.... next wipe is when 5.110 goes live
    I know your questions were answered already but i just wanted to kill some time at work and figured i would put me 2 cents in
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    Azerlin got a reaction from miraluna in Trade between players...   
    As things are in the current state EK's are not stable enough and cost real world money to keep running 24/7. I truly believe that by the end of Beta testing this will be all put into place and GR player venders will be a thing of the past. It'll all be handled through EK's and in campaign temples/forts&keeps/ guild garrisons. My thought's anyways
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    Azerlin reacted to PaleOne in What's up with Crowfall   
    Don't think guild wars or Wow
    Think Shadowbane or Darkfall with temporary worlds so they don't stagnate
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    Azerlin reacted to Prometeu in Hello again CF!   
    And you believed him...
    Good for you!
    Hugs for Crem 🤗
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    Azerlin reacted to jtoddcoleman in Update on 5.110 Test   
    Hey folks,
    Another quick check in on 5.110 "War of the Gods" development; we've been running Siege tests internally and we're knocking down bugs at a pretty rapid pace; as of this moment there are about a dozen issues remaining that we'd like to resolve before we put a Dregs campaign in front of you.   In the meantime, we appreciate all the help you guys have given us on finding and reproducing bugs with powers, crafting, interface and everything else.  We have a testing team that works around the clock (literally) to find and document issues but they can't provide the kind of coverage that comes from having a few thousands players in the game and playing.   In preparation for Dregs testing, please make sure you have your Guild properly set up on crowfall.com, as the Test environment pulls guild data from the live website.  We don't plan on doing a wipe, so whatever progress you've made so far will be there when the first test Campaign starts.  Initially we're going to run some 4-day campaigns (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter @ 1 day each) and you should expect some false starts and stops because, you know, Test Server.     I want to remind everyone that this is testing, not an actual Campaign -- so if we need to pause it or stop it or reset it to deal with issues, we will.   
    Lastly, in terms of embargo, we'll probably be fairly open given that the Campaign durations are so tight.  but I'm open to whatever you guys would like to see to facilitate testing.   Thanks, and look forward to getting this in front of you!   Todd    
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    Azerlin got a reaction from ZYBAK in Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread   
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    Azerlin reacted to Atraeus in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Guild criteria:
    Region: NA, West Coast Atmosphere: Adult.  30+. Casual/Hardcore?:  Casual gank squads are the best, will show up to a bane if it's after NA work hours Size: I like close fights and skirmishes, so I don't typically play in zergs unless one is trying to roll us.  Ideally something between a group and a zerg Play-Style: Ranged Support (Scout) Commitment: Will play this exclusively if it's anything like Shadowbane Miscellaneous: I like creative people who experiment with builds and try to find strategic spec groups for various situations. Experience: 
    Crowfall Played with Rome until they recently announced that they will not be playing Crowfall. Shadowbane - 2003 till death I played Shadowbane since inception on War, then moved to Mourning.  Played a lot on Test as well.  I pretty much exclusively played Scout. Aracoix con scout was probably my favorite because it was dumb Some of the guilds I played with Children of Twilight FA (brief) The Jaded Ones Gods Wrath Clan Voice-Chat services: I can use anything, but why aren't you using Discord?
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    Azerlin got a reaction from StormShadow in Youtuber's review   
    It honestly feels like he had already made his mind up about the game b4 he even opened it. Any new player would ask the question in general chat and would have gotten the answer they needed within seconds. I get the UI close and lag gets old fast, but was the only legit thing that had said about the game that needed addressing from what he showed in the video that was HEAVLY edited. I think really, his handle says it all... "lazy" review all in all.
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    Azerlin reacted to Underus in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Edit: Thanks everyone. I've linked up with a guild but look forward to seeing you all in game. Cheers!
    Hi all,
    US, Colorado-based newcomer here. Looking for something between casual PvE and semi-hardcore PvP.
    About me:
    Marketing guy. Dad. Husband. 180 miles/mo on the Peloton. Active EVE capsuleer. Starfinder/Pathfinder GM. Former 40-hr/week WoW raider. My first console was an Atari 2600. First console I paid for with my own money was a TurboGrafix16 and Super Volleyball is the 4th greatest game ever made (prove me wrong).
    I may or may not be able to be on vox comms during playtime. Definitely not after 8pm Mountain Time, but weekends? Sure.
    Anyway, if you have any suggestions for guilds that might fit my bill, I'm happy to hear about them. Or just any advice in general is super cool too.
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