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    Azerlin got a reaction from Silkhe in Poll: Passive skill tree wipe   
    No skill wipe, wait until a full wipe with the start of Dregs.
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    Azerlin reacted to PaleOne in 3 Faction Systems Don't Work   
    The reason the dregs will be an improvement is that " Faction"(Alliance) numbers will be adjusted mid campaign.
    Mercenaries can be hired.
    Deals can be made.
    Territory can be divided and "owned"
    Betrayal is an option.
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    Azerlin got a reaction from DrakanoWOW in 3 Faction Systems Don't Work   
    So, being a gamer for over 30+y now, one thing I have noticed in any game where there's a forced "Faction" chose it brakes down quickly. For the testing phase this is a good place holder. In a more polished version and when it dose not cost RL money to make guilds, guilds will be the way to go, each they're own faction in they're own right. I understand that there's other modes in the works that dose this, and in these modes true coopetition will take the fore front. 
    I do think the other option is to make the deities Factions among themselves. This is how things will be a little more diverse, but in the end, when players have the choice things will quickly unbalance. To truly fix this in the current campaign setup would be to force join the faction with the lowest player count when entering that campaign. I'm sure ACE will get nothing but grief if this was done, ( well at least until the DREGS servers are online ).
    I'm sure though that ACE has some surprises for us in the future on these things and much more. I'm glad I've joined the community and look forward to what the future holds.
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    Azerlin reacted to mandalore in A thief class   
    Jah IS a thief.  He stole my heart...
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    Azerlin reacted to ZYBAK in 3 Faction Systems Don't Work   
    Exactly! Only one guild (with a member cap) should be able to win and get the spoils. 
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    Azerlin reacted to miraluna in How to follow an account   
    You can use the "Search" function for members:
    Click in the "Search..." field
    Choose "More options" from the drop down menu
    Select "Members"
    Type in username (assuming you know the name they picked!)
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    Azerlin reacted to Kraahk in How to follow an account   
    Welcome to the forums.
    Just click on the Avatar picture to enter the account profile page. There should be a follow button.

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    Azerlin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in How to follow an account   
    I forgot to mention the main issue. How do I find said account?
    I'm getting a few friends and family to make accounts and I'm trying to follow them so when I have the money I was going to gift the game to them.
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    Azerlin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in How to follow an account   
    How do I follow an account on the website?
    I have done this before, but can't seam to remember for the life of me how I did it. Any type of walk through would be great.
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    Azerlin reacted to Rhast in Devs - Group size   
    +1 vote for having a baseline then giving Leadership bonuses to group size. Makes the leader role more appreciable.
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