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  1. я как понимаю вы тут до сих пор не решили , если оставаетись или нет на счёт гилды?
  2. You actually remind me of something. I been playing a lot WoW and been running over from official servers to private ones and the other way, all dependent on my budget. How ever I been jumping from private server to another one but still wherever I been going to its just feels odd something been missing, something thats gnawing on my mind I couldn't figure out whats been wrong, until one day "Rule#32 : Enjoy the little things" Aaaaaaand there we go with that "Aha moment" it might felt overall "WoWish" but those little bugs, that animation certain npc should do , that lack of players. All those things made the game more livelier but still "in my position" those last two Expansions carried me away from game, it didn't matter for me how much detail it has in game, that " PvP / PvE and overall game mechanics" felt just wrong to me so I stopped playing. (seeing same PvP class combination everywhere) "Players will most likely take the easier way" I mean by that at some point you should ask yourself: ←↓→ A B is easier to use than ←↓→←↓→A+B Sure thing 1st variant do less "DMG" than the second one but its easier to use and faster. So the *player* start to cheese that game down until he face an enemy that require bit more skill than that. We or at least me do not know anything about mechanics or what so ever the game is all about, I just like not to see those kind of players. I hope its kinda understandable what I'm trying to explain. Daaaaaayum I totally drifted away from the actual topic. How ever take it as you like I just leave it here
  3. "buhbuhcuh" Totally agree with everything you said but whenever someone says the newer players should be able to see endgame from beginning uhmm I kinda imagine a guy running around at "burning steps" on his donkey wearing only panties. And for long time I didn't heard anything of like "Stats that require to enter a region" e.g. running around in snowy/lava/swamp places, at least not in MMO's. Actually in Theriansaga it has all kind of that stat requirement to go or do something at specific place or thing but its more like of a browser game than MMO. Anyway I'm just a guy *I have no idea how to make it possible for beginners to take part of endgame from start on*
  4. So I guess we can throw all favo animes in? well lets start with One Piece! Hope this continue the next 50 years
  5. I .. I .. I . Everywhere I want it to be like that and this "like something" kind makes me bit crazy. How about creating something that is worth to be called "Nah I want it to be like Crowfall" Isn't it all about creating game on its own???
  6. Its funny to see people looking at it from their perspective, well lets turn it around imagine dieing over 5 times in a row? How about now? Will it be still fun to run in and try not to die? No its just wrong, sure thing looting, killing , scavenging might satisfy somebody but not that lying body on the ground. Well I'm sure don't want to be a looting object ಠ_ಠ
  7. WoW, Vindictus, Blade&Soul , Monster Hunter and Dark Souls ಠ_ಠ choose one I played them all equally.
  8. I just don't get it why people come over from all games together and suggest stuff they liked from where they come from, sure thing that game need or want to be unique but by limiting 1 char per account mean that class/battle/customization have to be changeable whenever player want it to be. Well you know some people want to test his class/prof and what so ever, so once again by limiting 1 char per account mean they have to delete his 1st char to make another one just to realize that class before been better for him????? I hope you understand what I'm trying to point out, it's just don't make much sense to me
  9. Exactly what I wanted to say : some kind of Monster Hunter mix where the weapon define your movement and skills but then I think of Guild wars and I didn't like it there
  10. I don't want to sound like one of that WoW fanboys or something (the Art style is just amazing) but I been through lot of MMO's and mostly camera just felt wrong It's been kinda not smooth at all and clunky but of course it all depends on the game if I has to act fast and use that specific skill/item at some point, my camera and movement has to be right or I'll be taking necessary damage or even die? How ever I'm actually more like in Vindictus, Blade&Soul , Monster Hunter kind of movement and targeting system
  11. Really curious how this game will turn out
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