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  1. Hello Crows, the current Vendor-System isn´t that great, in my opinion. You never get the chance ( or very rarely ) to get one in GR. I think there could be a better system to get a Vendor place than just speed and luck. Thats why i want a bit of discussion and your opinion of my ideas. Also you can post your own. I thought it would be a good idea if u have to purchase the spot. ( You have to craft the Vendor first if you want to take place in this auction ) So in some time ( maybe 1 week, 1 month, you name it ) is the time to go to an Vendor auction. Or to the place where you want to place your vendor. Than you can bid with other players who want to place there vendor there. The highest Price gets the Vendor and can place it. So you can cycle the Vendors and get a chance to sell some stuff. Also you need the gold for the upkeep. If you dont pay for 24H the Upkeep cost you lose your Vendor. What do you guys think about this idea ? Could it be better ? And if yes what could be better ? What are your ideas ? Best Regards VitnirTL
  2. Hello Crows, i wanted to start a topic with your thougths and hopes about Cloak´s and Antlers. In my opnion is the Elken race one of the best in the game and my absolute favorite. So im hoping that we can see some horns with helmets equipped. The other topic is about Cloak´s. I really hope they find theire way into the game soon. First it looks awesome and second the human needs a bit more than he currently has to offer. So my hopes are that the cloak´s are a bit better with stats and stuff than the Horseshoe´s. But what do you think about that ? What do you hope for ? Best regards VitnirTL
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