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  1. Casting thornshield on my centaur champion in live campaign NA is seemingly doing nothing. I'll let mobs attack me the whole duration and it won't deal any damage, as per their hp bar, the scrolling combat text, as well as the combat log
  2. Not sure if this is intentional, but I can't seem to cancel my use bandage skill.
  3. Also, druid basic attack is visually chaining somewhere off-screen whenever I successfully hit. (note the lines of lightning going off to the right of the screen)
  4. in LIVE, if I loot a corpse which brings up my inventory, or manually open my crafting, inventory, talents, skills etc windows, and then use WSAD to move, the windows would automatically close. Now, I need to manually close the window(s) each time I loot a corpse etc. Driving me nuts
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