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  1. uhhhh.... shadow and infected? Oh yeah those are supposed to be stretch goals..Ok then, more pigs or something. Anything other than something that obviously will make it in whether or not it reaches the goal. The fact that they put VR as the next backer goal makes it pretty obvious it was going to be in no matter what, Give us kickstarter-unique backer goals that benefit the early backers. Oh well too late.
  2. If I could go back in time, I'd bet you would have said vr is great, but better things could be put up as immediate backer goals.
  3. I don't have anything against VR support, but that is so true lol.
  4. Aye, no more perfectly balances classes. Lets move to fun and interesting.. I like that the centaur is an actual horse that runs like one. The fae should have, maybe somewhat limited, flying abilities. Great scouts they'd make. Worried about a fae guild siege? Maybe a pure fae troop would get annihilated on the other side of the walls because other classes are ready to defend. We know that not every class will have an equal fighting chance with every other archetype. All a champion might have to do is pummel a fae into the ground. An unbalanced approach to the game would add a really interesting dynamic to Crowfall. Like a strategy game where everyone works together and changes tactics depending on the situation.
  5. Never played ESO, but in some old school games, It was more fun not knowing when the boss you're fighting was going to die. You only had a slight guess. Made battle more intense.
  6. No way. Think more long the lines of Chivalry.
  7. Well I think the next stretch goals are going to be for adding the other campaigns. The Archage naval battles are great though, I'd love for Crowfall to build off of that. It would only add more fun PvP and crafting / hauling opportunities, what's wrong with that?
  8. I never played SWTOR but yeah, 'promotion' classes. We just don't know what they are yet, but they mentioned being able to divert significantly from your starting archetype through the promotion classes. So it's possible we'll even have magic based tanks and things like that, maybe.
  9. Don't talk about Slender or we're gonna have little girls stabbing other little girls again. As for mazes I like the idea, but it's easily something that could be built in your EK though. I think it'll be pretty popular to have competitions like this ran by guilds who invite the public to come and compete.
  10. Well, no.. You're assuming things, probably based on your experience with other games. First of all we don't even know if spellcasters use mana or regeants for their spells, so you can't say spellcasters wouldn't have to deal with that. Even melee characters could have problems like rusting or dull weapons. I'm not saying I know this will be the case, it just doesn't make sense to base your opinion on other games when it comes to a game we don't know enough about.
  11. I'd like to move away from perfect balance and more into the territory of fun and interesting. The balance could come from the fact that it's harder to become those races/classes than simply picking them at character creation. They could have limited lives too. Imagine doing a hard quest to become a Lich. You get one life, which is in your phylactery bottle, and you can only come out at night. You can hide your phylactery but can't go more than a certain distance away from it. You're powerful, but if someone finds the bottle they can kill you instantly... or bribe you? If flying mounts were to make it into the game, which I'm not sure I want yet, how about a Gryphon race instead? Let the players themselves be the flying mounts. Imagine a guild of gryphons running a taxi service.
  12. Well poorly made socks if the death penalty is more expensive than housing someone for their entire life than I definitely don't agree with the death penalty, but how can that be? Excuse my ignorance please. People on death row spend years and years waiting for execution but people with a life sentence spend the rest of their lives being fed, and cared for medically. How is the former more expensive? For me it's definitely not just about the money though. I just want whats best for society. I want criminals rehabilitated, definitely. But I also see the reality of the fact that some people have shown again and again by the hardcore crimes they have committed *not talking about armed robbery here* over and over, that there is simply no hope for them.
  13. It serves as a way to rid the world of people who have shown that they won't or cannot change. For those people, it's either death or life imprisonment, and feeding them along with medical costs for the rest of their lives is expensive. What other options are there?
  14. As far as capital punishment I agree with the death penalty except for the fact that a death penalty (in the US at least) does not mean death, it means being locked up in terrible conditions, in solitary no less, for years sometimes decades while you wait for the legal process to finally decide what to do with you. That's why it's expensive. Rehabilitation and death, I can get behind those two ideas. Not expensive drawn out torture.
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