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  1. Watch out for Laughing Coffin mang.
  2. Wogga


    If you were literally bored to death you'd be dead you liar.
  3. OP, there's no reason to have this kind of thing built in-game. Considering you can construct things in Crowfall, I don't see why a cathedral wouldn't be possible. Instead, you should be asking for a music system like LOTRO or something, so that you can roleplay all kinds of things not just a wedding. If we also see lots of cosmetic clothing options, you could have all sorts of things like this going on.
  4. Just forget it they all suck. Trust me.
  5. As long as they take out the random tele on that wand.. That stat killed my 93 hc sorc!
  6. First stretch goal: Horses with breasts.
  7. Rage quitting because my group came into the cave and kicked your buttocks to take the boss is confirmed.
  8. I hope the 'cosmetic shop' doesn't include XP potions and whatnot, like so many other games that supposedly have a none pay to win shop. I've even seen weapons and armor sold in those shops, with the argument being that its not pay to win because those items can be aquired in-game by playing. Give me a break! Anything other than truly cosmetic no-stats only is pay to win enough. I want to see nothing but dresses and panties. edit - oh.
  9. Have they said anything about warmth yet?
  10. I think it should have been the other way around too, but It's extremely likely we'll hit both goals anyway. I think all the stretch goals make it in to the initial release don't they?
  11. I'd like some things to be tracked and shown on a board, depending on the campaign. I know the people in the permadeath dregs would want to see who's killed the most people. Good for the e-peen.
  12. You wish. Those rodents will triple jump out of the ground and stab you in the neck.
  13. I hope that's the case. I'd like a class that is all about what you describe here, with little focus on damage abilities. I wouldn't want the only options to basically just be DPS.
  14. Jurassic Park. Exactly what I thought when he found the hare.
  15. Include in the terms of agreement a section on fining credit cards of users caught using third party programs to bot cheat etc. They'd have to pay more than regular people to get back into the game, unless they had access to a different card. Edit> Actually just ban that card from ever being able to buy the game again.
  16. OP pic is beautiful!! I hope to see this ingame! I want to rip the heart out of my enemies and eat it. Even better in the permadeath campaign.
  17. How will we be able to find mankriks wife with no global chat?
  18. I'm happy about campaigns.. Now we don't have to make threads trying to convince people permadeath is more fun. Everyone just goes to their campaign. Thank you Lord.
  19. If you zoom in on the crown you can sort of make out the word 'soon' on the right (bloody zigzag being the S). February / March launch confirmed.
  20. I like the idea a lot, it's just hard (impossible?) to stop guilds from allying with a boss. Even if they put language restrictions it wouldn't stop people from communicating through voice chat. I think for something like this to work they'd have to find a way to make it an entirely us vs them scenario. When guilds set their differences aside to track down and kill something that's a threat to everyone. There's a sandbox game in development now that has a dragon race. You start as a hatchling that grows over time. It's supposed to be really hard to get to the point when you're strong enou
  21. Instead of server-wide, what if settlements could designate a certain area for it to happen? Permadeath arena.. I can see crowds gathering to watch something like this between known rivals. Fight to the death in front of an audience. or A piece of land with permadeath where you get special rewards for fighting in it. In other words, limited opt-in version that doesn't require its own server. Would this not please both sides of the coin?
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