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    Wogga reacted to TullyAckland in Sad That The Combat Pet System Is The Last Stretch Goal (1.7Mio)   
    This is an example of us using developer terms without explaining what we meant to the community. We sometimes forget that not everyone is in the same room with us all the time.
    So, what we mean by Combat Pets being an extension of the Mounts System: A lot of the technical ground work of implementing mounts that can be killed, the "mechanical ties" to the player character, etc. Can cross over to a full pet system. 
    This doesn't mean everyone on the planet will be going out and obtaining pets to fight with. That would be ridiculous! This will almost certainly be tied to the discipline system. Meaning if you want a cool Direwolf to fight at your side you are using one of your three discipline slots up to do so. 
    By taking a slot up with a pet, you're probably omitting some other great perks to your character. We're going to make sure that there's no mandatory pick when it comes to these. 
    Sorry about the confusion, we'll do our best to explain systems better. 
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    Wogga reacted to TullyAckland in Final Day!   
    ...and we're off to a GREAT start! 

    We just crossed the 15,500 backer stretch goal (converting the All Father statue into a Relic) AND we just hit $1.5 million -- which means we're adding the "Infected Worlds" ruleset (the 12 faction War-of-the-Gods) and the Minotaur archetype. 
    We're also taking this moment to add a few more backer stretch goals, on the hope/chance that we'll need them (fingers crossed!) 

    16,000 Backer Reward: Dwarven Blacksmith Thrall
    At 16,000 backers, we're going to add a BLACKSMITH THRALL NPC to the $100 (BRONZE) level reward tier -- giving you a Stoneborn Thrall to slot into your Forge that grants access to improve your crafting

    17,000 Backer Reward: Centaur Relic
    At 17,000 backers, we're going to grant a CENTAUR STATUE RELIC to the $60 reward tier (BACKER) -- which offers a Blessing of Courage (+1% hunger resist) to the land owner and all tenants of the parcel in which it is placed. 

    18,000 Backer Reward: Forgemaster Relic
    At 18,000 backers, we're going to grant a FORGEMASTER STATUE RELIC to the $60 reward tier (BACKER) -- which offers a Gaes of Craftsmanship (+1% training of crafting skills) to the land owner and all tenants of the parcel in which it is placed. 

    As we head into the last few hours, we want to THANK YOU for your support, and ask you for one last favor: If you know other people who you think would enjoy this game -- and that you would like to have as a part of this community
    -- please let them know that this is the last day of our Kickstarter. We'll still be accepting pledges after today on our website, but the discounts won't be as good and all the exclusive rewards will go away.
    We're also hosting a series of podcasts / developer chats during this last 24 hour period:
    - At 4:30 pm Central we will be hosting our first AMA (Ask Me Anything):http://www.reddit.com/r/Games 
    - At 7:00 pm Central we will be joining the Gold & Glory fellas live on twitch at:http://www.twitch.tv/mmorpgcom 
    - At 8:00 pm we will be closing the night with the Crowns and Crows gang:http://www.twitch.tv/crownsandcrows
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    Wogga reacted to Pann in Coleman And Walton "ama" Wednesday   
    Ask us your questions, bridge keeper. We’re not afraid.
    Join Crowfall’s Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Executive Producer Gordon Walton on Reddit - http://www.reddit.com/r/Games - for their first AMA (Ask Me Anything). The fun begins on Wednesday, March 25, at 4:30 pm Central and will run until 6:30 pm. 
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    Wogga reacted to oberon in 1.5Million Minotaurs!   
    One could say that the community has had a beef injection
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    Wogga got a reaction from FenrisDDevil in Thoughts On Vr Support   
    If I could go back in time, I'd bet you would have said vr is great, but better things could be put up as immediate backer goals.
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    Wogga reacted to Hax in Thoughts On Vr Support   
    I wonder how many people defending the VR support as the next backer goal, would have done so if it was posted in the suggestion forum by a random user.
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    Wogga reacted to XroW in This Game Should Have Auto-Travel And Here's An Example Of How It Could Work   
    Time, if you auto travel naked and die. you might realize it far to late and waste a lot of time.
    Also, where are you going naked and what will you do there?
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    Wogga reacted to Hax in This Game Should Have Auto-Travel And Here's An Example Of How It Could Work   
    That'd be true if your items in your bank can be accessed anywhere that a bank exists.
    What if your gear could only be stored in a single place? Traveling anywhere naked would be completely pointless then. You wouldn't be able to get naked, travel somewhere, and re-gear at your destination. You'd travel naked and stay naked. Who wants to do that besides nudists?
    I think it's best not to know.
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    Wogga reacted to XroW in This Game Should Have Auto-Travel And Here's An Example Of How It Could Work   
    I'm fine with traveling mechanics that are based on the following principles:
    Its player built, we expand our reach by building and defending infrastructure that is vital for faster travel. You are still exposed to enemies for the duration of the travel. Much like eve, traveling "automatically"  (autopilot) could be a option that comes with great risks.

    I like the idea behind stables, forcing players to feed the horses, making food more important and adds another strategic element to the game.
    It also makes stable keeping a business idea. Building road is a common goal for the alliance and roads should increase all movement riding or otherwise.
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    Wogga reacted to Arthidon in Wanderers Cloak -Hide/cover Your Gear/archetype   
    @ChatGem - It would be interesting if seeing things about other players (health maybe?) was driven by abilities or a recon stat of some type. An example would be The higher your recon stat would determine how far away you could see Heath status or health amount (maybe generalized health not actual numbers I.E low, medium, high), Archetype, Specialization or something like that. I just wouldn't mind some supprise to jumping someone and a deep scout mechanic as well which would go along with that
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    Wogga reacted to ChatGem in Wanderers Cloak -Hide/cover Your Gear/archetype   
    The only thing I'd prefer to avoid, is armies of people fighting with this cloak on. Maybe only certain archetypes and promotion classes can have some kind of disguise. Or I guess it could just disappear when you attack something / are attacked.
    I don't even want to know how powerful people are in general in the first place. Don't even show health bars or any indications at all, besides the gear you have on.
    People wouldn't be wandering around so confident anymore. They wouldn't click on you from a mile away and immediately have an idea of whether they can kill you or not. Anyway that's a separate issue and not part of your topic. It's the same ballpark though, and I long for games to stop giving players all the details.
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    Wogga reacted to Arthidon in Wanderers Cloak -Hide/cover Your Gear/archetype   
    I always thought an interesting system would be if you could wear a cloak/robe that covers your character, as it would in real life, and make it hard to tell what you are wearing or even what your archetype or maybe race was (if it has a hood). This would add a great unknown risk at engaging someone. You wouldn't be able to tell if they have good gear or what Archetype they are.
    I can imagine all the palm sweating moments this could cause. Which is what I believe this game is trying to capture.
    adding edits to cover points made
    EDIT: This Might also add more meanful and complex mechanics to a scout type of role which might have a skill/ability associated identifying things like Health(generalized, not actual numbers)/Archetypes/Promotions/Guild/Faction at certain distance or through the cloak. I just wouldn't mind some supprise to jumping someone and a deep scout mechanic as well which would go along with that.
    EDIT: A "Mystery" mechanic would not in any way take away from the Archetypes. 
    An Archetype will still be full of personality and flavor. Once in combat the archetypes would be immediately recognizable either through weapon or fighting stance/style/movements/Abilities. Also mind you, you would get an IDEA of what Archetype they are based on the weapon, even before combat. At least if the weapons are small enough to be hidden by the cloak. The characters are so diverse there is no true way of knowing how someone is spec'd until you are fighting them. 
    EDIT: THE CLOAK WOULDN'T"T HIDE THINGS MAGICALLY or anything that a normal cloak wouldn't. This is not meant to be "Gamey," There will be no magic poof on/off cloak mechanic. It's suppose to be Immerseive  and add dynamic and interesting play to all types of pvp. From random encounters to organized combat. The only "Gamey" aspect would be hiding Name Plates/Tags/Levels/Archetype. Which are all Gamey... 
    EDIT: I appreciate your input  ​  and yea I can just imagine. Reports coming in of enemy activity at one of the important resource nodes. But no one was around with high enough skill to Identify who they were. So then you would send out the scouts or bounty hunters. Meanwhile the leadership is theory crafting on who they are and how to respond in the meantime.
    EDIT:**** What I really hope that all of you get out of this is more the "Vision," all the little details are semantics and shouldn't be argue over. It would require R&D/Iteration to figure out what mechanics behind it exactly work. But the GENERAL idea I think could only add something dynamic/organic/interesting to game play. At least in my personal opinion. ****
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    Wogga reacted to Chaptor in Action Bars   
    See Pawkette, from what has been said so far, it seems like Crowfall is being made exactly for the people who have been utterly bored with the mainstream 'average people' MMO's that have been churning out for the past 8 years. Perhaps you should find something else? But then again, the fact that I feel the need to tell you this, is incredible, considering we're simply talking about action bars and keybinds. Perhaps you're in the wrong genre of games to begin with. 
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    Wogga got a reaction from bahamutkaiser in Wings, The Only Thing That Matters.   
    Aye, no more perfectly balances classes. Lets move to fun and interesting.. I like that the centaur is an actual horse that runs like one. The fae should have, maybe somewhat limited, flying abilities. Great scouts they'd make. Worried about a fae guild siege? Maybe a pure fae troop would get annihilated on the other side of the walls because other classes are ready to defend. We know that not every class will have an equal fighting chance with every other archetype. All a champion might have to do is pummel a fae into the ground.
    An unbalanced approach to the game would add a really interesting dynamic to Crowfall. Like a strategy game where everyone works together and changes tactics depending on the situation.
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    Wogga got a reaction from koshy in After We Hit 1.5Mil Next Stretch Goal? Ships/naval Combat?   
    Well I think the next stretch goals are going to be for adding the other campaigns. 
    The Archage naval battles are great though, I'd love for Crowfall to build off of that. It would only add more fun PvP and crafting / hauling opportunities, what's wrong with that?
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    Wogga reacted to Archiebunker82 in The War Of The Roses...   
    I have always had a sweet spot for carebear's .. when your out pvping and you see them just mindless pulling a train of mobs.. ITS NOT OK to gank them.. you must be nice and kill there healer then watch them die slowly to mobs after there tank die... Love your carebears, no one else will! 
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    Wogga reacted to Kloke in Wings, The Only Thing That Matters.   
    This will come across aggressive possible but did any of you play Shadowbane?  I played both an Avian Thief and an Avian Scout.  I could fly on both and it was by no means overpowered. 
    I could Kill from the Air, sure and I could fly over walls, I could fly over content that others could not, I could fly stealthed as well. 
    Was I OP?  Hardly.  It added a great dynamic to the game because we were the scouts for our ground troops.
    Where there other Non Flying Thiefs and Scouts, probably more than flyers.  Why?
    Because both my skills and my flying and running and most everything took Stam.  While yes, I could shoot you from the air and you could not hit me unless you used spells and unless you use ranged both of which most did.  I could only shoot you for a small time, not enough to kill you normally and then I fell to the ground.  To top that classes could steal stamina and you could get stamina stealing procs on weapons so I often was on the ground WAY before I wanted to be.
    I could then Not Attack, Not Stealth, Not Run, Not Guard and about all I could do was Die.  Sometimes people would let me live long enough for me to be able to fight back with a little stam but typically they stomped me into the dirt.  It worked fine and honestly it is the one thing I want back in the game.  I could fly but it was limited to my stam and I did have a stam build so I could scout for quite some time without any problems of being seen.
    If I chose to attack anything at all I would have to land, stealth, regen stam and then move out to make an attack on the ground.
    Trust in the developers guys, they truly have done a great job in the past and that is why I backed.
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    Wogga reacted to Kashkalgar in I Want To Sell My Immortality To The Hunger!   
    Let's use griefers to make the game more interesting!  I would like to see the option for someone who has killed many lower level players, or looted many other players, or betrayed their lord, etc. to be given the option to give up their immortality for power.  The benefit for them would be increased power, or access to another sheaf of skills.  The drawback is that they cannot hold any titles or lands, and that when they die their character is deleted.  
    One could offset the permadeath a bit by giving these 'villains' a repeatable quest to collect a one time use resurrection item.  In that case one should allow non-villain players to invade that quest and try to stop the villain from collecting the item.
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    Wogga reacted to freeze in Rate My New Pc 1-10   
    not enough money left to upgrade the calculator you took the picture with?
    but what I think... I think you're an absolute moron for buying that monstrosity
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    Wogga reacted to nightwolfz in Rate My New Pc 1-10   
    You keep saying Alienware, it's a Dell.  Say it with me now, "I spent $5k on a Dell."
    The fact you keep refering to it as an Alienware shows how little YOU know about computers.  People who know about computers don't buy a $5k Dell pre-built for them with an accidental warranty (in case I damage it when I do upgrades that I clearly have no business doing.)
    You seem to be more interested in flashing fancy lights on a monsterous case than anything else, so I suppose you were successful in that regard.  It has nothing to do with the amount you spent, but the lack of any value for it. 
    You basically spent $100k on a Honda Civic because it had fancy lights under the car and people (rightfully) laughed at you and said you could have gotten a better car at a better price.  Your retort is, "b-b-but the lights!  I really like the lights and it has a spoiler!"
    You could have gotten a nicer PC for half the cost and spent more on having a real setup.  Multiple monitors, nice periperals, you know -- a real gaming setup.  Instead you opted for a tacky flashing Dell and are upset when people are trying to educate you.
    Be honest, you didn't want feedback or opinions, you wanted to show-off and are dissapointed when nobody likes what you have.
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    Wogga reacted to bazeleel in Crowns And Crows - A Crowfall Podcast And Livestream!   
    "Crowns and Crows" is a Crowfall podcast and livestream! We will be bringing you most cutting edge discussions, community topics, interviews, and much more! The show is hosted by Bazeleel, Lakez, and Valor. Each host brings something a little different to the table and we hope you all enjoy the show! 
    Episode: Pilot
    Episode 1 was lost duh to tech issues 
    Episode 2: PvP, What do you expect?
    Social Links
    Bazeleel - Twitter - Youtube Valor - Twitter - Website Lakez - Twitter - Website  
    Partnership Links
    Lords of the Dead - Gaming Community of 20+ years! Queue Times - Gaming content, articles, and much more!
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    Wogga got a reaction from zeonx in After We Hit 1.5Mil Next Stretch Goal? Ships/naval Combat?   
    Well I think the next stretch goals are going to be for adding the other campaigns. 
    The Archage naval battles are great though, I'd love for Crowfall to build off of that. It would only add more fun PvP and crafting / hauling opportunities, what's wrong with that?
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    Wogga reacted to zeonx in After We Hit 1.5Mil Next Stretch Goal? Ships/naval Combat?   
    I am not a pirate by any means, but theres something about boarding and enemy vessel in the middle of the ocean winning a 2v1 and sailing away with your new ship/raft.
    And if they are gonna put in ships might as well have some epic naval battles, right?
    I personally think Crowfall would do naval combat better than most other games and that's for one reason, POIs. An example of bad naval combat would be Darkfall, the ship v ship combat itself wasn't terrible but the issue was lack of population on the sea. With Crowfall's emphasis on POIs the necessary population can be achieved. Look at Archeage for example, not the best pvp game but their oceans were pretty populated from all the fishers, pack runners, and those looking to kill them.
    Imagine a group of players using their ship to bring back a supply of unrefined ore from a mine they discovered in the middle of the ocean. Now imagine your group of friends engaging them about halfway back to shore killing them, claiming their ship and ore/loot.
    Or how about island strongholds?
    There are so many ways Crowfall can create ocean population without deviating from what their current vision appears to be. I also have a feeling there are a few Devs who would love to see naval combat.
    Questions? Comments? Concerns? 
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    Wogga got a reaction from Tipsy in Campaigns Of Mazes With Rare Reagents Inside.   
    Don't talk about Slender or we're gonna have little girls stabbing other little girls again.
    As for mazes I like the idea, but it's easily something that could be built in your EK though. I think it'll be pretty popular to have competitions like this ran by guilds who invite the public to come and compete. 
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    Wogga reacted to WickedGood in No Health Bar   
    It would be interesting to have no health bars on players and NPCs/Monsters in the Dregs (and maybe the Shadow).  This level of uncertainty would lend itself to some really interesting game play.
      I can just picture coming back to town half dead when I see an assassin out of the corner of my eye.  Knowing that one backstab would be fatal I decide to charge her.  The bluff works, and she jumps into the shadows cowering in fear as I gallop into town.
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