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  1. Today was my first day in Crowfall after my sons bought it for my birthday, I love it so far, its shaping up to be something special. After a few hours of playing it the two things that stuck out to me the most coming from other games that would in theory be easy things to implement would be 1. Give options on how to cast channeled spells, as it is currently you hold the button for the duration of the channel, having the option for that method or 1st press starts channel 2nd press stops channel would be a great addition to give players more choice in control scheme. 2. If i right click an item from my bag to place into my bank it should auto stack when going in bank, ie, 80 gold in bank, right clicking the 20 gold in back should have 1 stack of 100 gold in bank, not 1 stack of 80 and 1 stack of 20. 3. The menus staying open individually was very confusing as a new player, I opened my inventory early, then crafted some meat, then eventually my talents and it took random trial and error to understand all of them stay open based on their own open/close rather than closing menus closing ALL the menus and then individual buttons reopening them, maybe there is already an option to adjust this and i just havent found it yet? EDIT: Thought on this last night, MANY people enjoy skirmish combat beyond just large seiges, on the flip side several players dont enjoy gathering/crafting. You could kill 2 birds with 1 stone by having a system where a mine, lumbermill, quarry ect exists on map and can be capped by smaller teams of 1-5, after being capped it starts a caravan towards a fort that your faction owns (yes i took this idea from GW2) if you successfully escort the caravan to the fort, it becomes lootable by the players that escorted it and provides an amount of ore, rock, wood ect that is roughly equivalent to the amount a gatherer would have gathered in a similar amount of time. If another faction kills all the escorts before it arrives at fort, that faction could then loot it for the resources for themselves. This system would provide people who dont enjoy gathering a means to pvp for mats, and it would provide smaller groups pvp content to compete in from both escorting or setting up road blocks in other factions maps.
  2. Loot all button in a PvP loot game is bad idea, I think its like this on purpose, any full loot pvp game ive ever played was like this, you have to loot the important stuff and run sometimes, It is annoying when dealing with purely pve and not having it, but I understand why the game doesnt.
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