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  1. Again since I am picking this up for the 1st time in a very long time, these are likely known bugs. But the mounts don't show (pig). Looting sometimes seems to lock all the window UI's. Escape will fix this, but it is cumbersome. Cannot right click on Disciplines when looting, only drag and drop. Other than that only minor skipping and lag jumps so far.
  2. The inventory windows and all the other skill, talent, etc windows interact poorly. It is cumbersome to loot for example when 3 windows pop-up. You can hit escape or close them individually, but seems like it should refresh. I can see where this might be nice to have when crafting, but not so much when adventuring. It would be nice to loot multiple corpses at one time, rather than click "F" for each one. Also when looting it would be nice to have a loot all button or toggle. Looting Disciplines also requires drag and drop rather than Rt click. I figure most of this you already know, but my 2 cents because I have not tried to log in since early kickstarter days. but the game has come a long way and I am excited to see it grow. Will try a siege next. Like the breadth of the crafting so far even though I have a lot to figure out.
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