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  1. For one Orcs from warcraft or sissy variants of Warhammer greenskins. And sure but none of them are too my tastes; Its subjective but I am pretty particular so racially this game doesn't WoW me. And minotaurs, tauren in warcraft since you use the reference are basically minotaurs as for centaurs I mean... eh, never seen em in a game so good on em. Fae are elves with wings. They aren't monsters at all so stop throwing them in there, Human/elven races are meh for me. So like I Said I want some more monsters something more savage and brutal. But thats just me, you have your tastes I have mine and "So far" this game when it comes to races doesn't tickle my pickle so to speak so Im not nearly as invested as I probably would be.
  2. Im aware, but I don't really at this point care about the lore for this game. Kinda just checking it out and keeping up on it to see what direction it takes and how it shapes out, hoping one day we will have more savage/beast/monster races.
  3. Mino is the only real monster look character, Id play something else but I mean the only good elf is a dead elf. The only good human is on on a stick over a fire.
  4. Couldn't care less honestly ~ They look dumb, have wonky animations and are boring to look at. Mino/centaur or bust for me I guess (Unless they add some more monster races.)
  5. I loved their conceptual art, and how they were there I was hoping they would be more savage maybe even having traits from specific animals in customization. As they are now like most the races ~ Ill never touch them.
  6. Why care why you fight in a fictional world? The limitations of real-life doesn't matter and in the end we can be exude and vent or maybe even relax the parts of ourselves we can't in public or in society. We as a species are genetically designed around violence; Or evolution was completely based on survival and through wars we have become intelligent (Every major advancement was due to the conflict.) I can tell you why I enjoy killing people in a game, the answer is simply I enjoy doing it. I don't need any sort of reward(Might be nice, could be fun and could make me feel good I guess about doing it.) But the idea of utterly dominating someone and completely beating them, that is enough. Everything doesn't need a trophy or a medal sometimes the satisfaction of knowing "I killed that guy." or knowing that they lost because you were simply the better player. That is 100% enough and the more you try to sell that people have some greater purpose to fighting, the more I realize you know nothing. I do MMA because I enjoy it, I don't stray from a fight because I enjoy the thrill and intoxication that I get from the Adrenalin when conflict arrives. (I get a similar feeling when I hunt down and kill other players.) That pleasure I get and the high that follows afterword? That is enough. Stop making it more than it is, some of us just like to fight and kill in video games. IF that is not enough for you ~ Other games are out there and I suggest GW2 is the place for you. Waaagh!~
  7. Real goblins would be cool, Orcs if done right. (Id love some warhammer styled greenies, that are kind of just ridiculous and fun while also being savage.)
  8. Could be cool, I doubt they would go for it but I doubt it. As for trolls they have many different breeds and types depending on the mythology but I see your point about them maybe being too large. As I said Im unsure if demons are even a thing; Frankly I couldn't care less because them being playable or not doesn't bug me as much as some of the others. Id rather the bear-people, goblins and maybe ogres or something akin to them so that way we get some form of orc-type of character that can fit the roll. I like your ideas I feel the necromancy bit would turn people off because the classes would be limited, But I can see what its appealing and why honestly it might work better than people would assume.
  9. Im not gonna lie and say Id like to see more in the beta. But I understand that it won't happen and it will probably be post launch, when I actually give a damn about this stuff and will probably be playing more. Im more dabbling now because im not gonna waste time leveling characters to have them deleted because to me thats not much fun (No offense meant at all, just not for me.) Right now im just following development and offering feedback, perhaps ideas to help the devs along.
  10. yes except this proves you didn't read my post nor you you want anything outside of personal bias which I myself and guilty of as well. The norn ? Lol they got destroyed in guild wars 2, just big humans now. kodan ain't playable nor are they celtic I said norse styled trolls, not the same as wow Demons have not been done as playable beings in a non-sexy form even in WoW so you're wrong again. I only really want the bear people who are celtic in nature have no human form, and are vicious yet they hold some form of tribalisim and druidism in their culture and don't suffer from any of the sterotypes associated with viking style characters. That being said You poo-pooing on it proves nothing to me outside of "I don't want it, so custard you." Which is whats wrong with guild wars, and all the games you mentioned. Rather than allowing for unique player races they opt for boring rehashing and tired tropes. The point was to give credence to their mythological stand-points in actual history and bring them to somewhat represent that in this game. Giant spiders? Yea like that would be an option mate, they wouldn't do it mainly because it couldn't wear armor or wield weapons logically. Snake people im down with, could be super cool if done right and Id love to see a suarian like lizardman character from warhammer too. Bird people? Im all in and fully support your wants for them, I was a big advocate for tengu in guild wars 2 and that won't ever happen so this game can capitalize on that. Bear people have never been playable, and like I said celtic stuff is never touched on or given much spotlight despite being super cool. And it's a shame too because it would be cool to see some of it in an mmo. But I guess different strokes for different folks.
  11. Which is why Its not an issue, but later down the line I most definitively want more races. I most assuredly expect more and more unique races; Once there isn't so much on the dev's plate. The game needs to be finished... before all else in my opinion.
  12. Fae are pretty much elves with wings, I have stated numerous times that Mino's, centaurs, the little rat race, and the deer are all unique but we could go with more. WE have ALOT of elves, and alot of humans and frankly those are races I feel are overdone. Stoneborn are still just dwarves, and Camelot unchained have them in the same form and type as well? There is nothing wrong with asking for more races, more unique races and I said like always I understand that it is not a priority right now but its always good to give feedback and even offer Ideas. You and I have different tastes, the only races I truly like are the elken, mino and centaur. The others I won't bother with and probably won't touch outside of the alpha/beta to help test them. In most games Im either the viking or the monster, I never ever touch anything but those types of races and if the game offers none of those then I don't get involved. Im tired of humans and tired of elves (Anything that looks like an elf is still an elf.) So I apologize if you think I meant there are no unique races because there are. But lets be real the little rodent race is cute, it could of been like a skaven and been more nefarious but they went for cute just like guild wars did with the asuran. The token cute race. The elken are interesting they kind of follow the elf motif in stance, posture and seem arrogant. The Minotaur for now are the orcs(WoW noble savages once slaves.) And the centaurs are roman in appearance. There is more to racial desires than just simply the base appearance, The elken are wood-elf themed and are very close to the motif of a satyr which is probably as close as we'd ever get. We have a bunch of herbivore and hooved beast-men which is cool, Im down and its what brought me to the game to begin with because I never would of even came over if the mino specifically wasn't here. But I want Bear people themed around the celts, or even dinosaur men or some other racial type you never see period in any game. My favorite animal is the bear which is why Im pushing a bit to try and at least get the idea out there, mainly because celtic arch-types are not used often and I have come to love such aesthetics. Disagreeing with me is fine but showcasing pictures of races whom I might add outside of three, the elken, guinea pig race and mino are at least in some respect human/elven in at least some respect proves little? It doesn't dismiss my point either that we could use more LATER on once the game is closer toward developments end, maybe even after launch. We could also use more race combinations with classes (I still don't get how elken can't be druids? They are litterally a perfect rep for the horned god Cernunnos who is the patron of all druids.) Races bring people to the game, those and classes. ~ That's just a proven thing, we all want something we find appealing to look at and we all have different tastes. And I will restate ONCE more that I don't feel its a priority right now. Its just food for thought, Im sure in time they will add more but right now I want them to focus on combat and the rest of the game before putting the resources elsewhere. ( so the game will come out sooner rather than later.)
  13. I made a post about this as well, I feel that we have too many elves/humans and we need more unique races. Mainly because a lot of people will look at what we have and be like "Oh look, another game. Neat I guess." Where as if we had races typically unplayable a lot of people would come to be like , "Wow they never let us play as these, this is cool. I should tell my friends about this!" We have enough regular, we could use something more spicy but I understand its not the priority right now. I know orcs/goblins would bring a lot of people and since there are so many variations of them you could make them your own variant, Demons as well could bring a lot in. More beast races ect; I go over it in my post so Im not gonna go into details here so go check it out and give some feedback. Id love for the dev's to see it and maybe think about it, heck go post your ideas in there too. We could make a huge catalog of ideas for them which is half the battle in the conceptualizing phase.
  14. Id also like the add that these races DON'T need to be distasteful and can follow the art style provided for the game. I don't see how they would do either but... figured Id add that in.
  15. Glorious rock boi's. All kidding aside they are boring as hell XD
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