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  1. Sry I see it very first line of OP. Discovered this thread by reading it from the middle and backwards, so missed most obvious piece of info I should have seen from the start. Sry XD
  2. Early bird Amber #729... Yet never got an invite and still not even sure how the criteria for getting an invite works because I freely admit that I am a freaking moron. Is it because I'm not in Alpha 1? Tried to figure it out from the posts in this thread, but too much squabbling about higher dollar pledges getting in before earlier backers/etc. Even so, if I missed my chance to test because no email was sent, then not a happy panda. *Edit, never mind... looks like it is indeed restricted to "alpha 1" group. Sorry I missed that. Like I said, "I am a freaking moron"
  3. why disappear? Don't like overly "cute" characters? Sorry if this is a pet issue for you or something. I just felt like linking that stupid video clip, though I do admit to liking to play smaller characters. It would be a shame (to me) if they disappeared, because I was looking forward to seeing how the friendly fire and "weight" in combat would work with smaller types that use mobility and specialized skills to counter the heft of larger types... I admit to not really following this game's development, though. So if there have been new developments or reasons for you to prefer what you do that I don't know about, I understand. I just felt like randomly posting because I saw that video clip =/
  4. Will Sapper-style Guineceans be able to use their engineering prowess to build bridges and other structures that will help them sally forth in the fields of battle like the legendary Ginnies of yore??? example) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq9ghmgqoyc "Transporting Guinea Pigs from Point A to Point B.... Utilizing the latest Guinea-Pig-Bridge technology~!" ;3
  5. You've missed a gem then. I hope to see even a fraction of CK2's complexity in CF's fealty system. It's a great game. Very dense. Takes awhile to learn even some of the basics. Just check out how long it takes this guy on YT to get to actually "playing" the game in a tutorial on it: https://youtu.be/MAvJJuv1hvM?list=PLH-huzMEgGWBBUYoAjpLxFkbgFw19CeA_
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