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  1. thanks for the input guys. I have a pretty old rig, like 5 years old with 16gigs of ram, but a mediocre nvidia card. I am going to get a new one in a few days and see if that fixes things.
  2. I started playing like 3 weeks ago, and every thing was working great then all of a sudden my FPS tanked to 10, my internet is fine I was getting 30 to 50, then I wasn't. At first I was able to log out and back in and it work, I have tried other characters in other areas. Its all the same.
  3. Thanks dude. I know quest npcs and such to walk you through the basics aren’t in place yet, if that’s their plan anyway.
  4. I understand that this is a pvp game, and that everything we do is to support the pvp aspect. chasing harvested loot is dumb. also, I don’t know if it’s just due to pre-alpha but I can’t play in Elisia because my FPS drops to 10. I don’t have that problem any where else. also harvesting tools break way too easy.
  5. I did muthax it was user error. Lol
  6. Hey there, I am currently downloading the game, I have been following it since it was announced and saw it was pretty close to actually being launched to the public. I love being part of betas. =) I understand that the game is largely based on being in a strong guild, and I just wanted to reach out to see if any were taking on noobs? Also any pointers would be great too. I am about to read the article that the devs put up on how to play the game when you first start and I have been watching youtube videos we well. See you in game.
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